15.02.2022 Human Resources Trends

5 ways to alleviate commuter stress

5 ways to alleviate commuter stress

Dreading the commute again? Experts suggest these strategies to make it less awful—and even useful.

Article published by Korn Ferry

After working from home for nearly two years, you’re called into the office. For many, this means unpleasant flashbacks of driving on crowded highways, getting stuck in gridlocked traffic, or squeezing into packed trains.

But while commuting probably can’t be avoided forever, there are some perks that come with it, experts say. Among them, after months at home: what comes at the end of the ride. “The enticement of going back into the office is the anticipation of face-to-face interaction”, says Rick Sklarin, a senior client partner at Korn Ferry and member of the firm’s Global Technology practice.


Here are some expert tips on easing the stress – and maximizing the value – of commuting:

Incorporate hobbies

Commute shift

Re-establish the routine

Make the commute productive

Plan for collegial interaction at the office

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