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7 keys to become a super entrepreneur, based on Fabrice Testa’s methodology

How to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur? is a question that has no secret for Fabrice Testa. Business angel, exponential thinker, innovator and author, Fabrice Testa recently published a book entitled Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded, which fastly became #1 Amazon Best Seller.

As the title implies, this book is dedicated to help future inventors or game-changers willing to leave an impact to make the world a better place. For this, Testa analyzed the super-achievers’ processes so as to reveal their secrets. Being an entrepreneur himself, this article focuses on Fabrice Testa’s proven methodology – that helped 100+ companies excel in their fields – to reach your full potential and make a breakthrough! 

An entrepreneur sees problems as opportunities”, Testa asserted during his keynote at ICT Spring. The entrepreneurship journey starts with finding a problem to solve. Problems to solve are numerous, the main ones are for instance related to energy, water, food, or inevitably the environment – among many others. This is to represent a meaningful purpose you are willing to fulfill, regardless how unconventional your ideas might be. After all, it all starts with the right spirit, with the ambition to “be a doer, a change-maker”!

Once you have this all set, here are 7 steps to follow so as to act as a super achiever: 

  • Apply the 95/5 rule: the idea is not to satisfy yourself with a 95% achievement, and rather work on reaching these 5%  of flaws left that can harm your business
  • Surround yourself with A-players: the aim here is to eliminate all your toxic relationships, and to “select carefully people you are spending time with
  • Build empathetic relationships: this will help you to super-achieve
  • Improve your systems and processes: gain in efficiency in delegating and automating tasks as much as possible. This will allow you to focus on the essential, and explore more innovation paths 
  • Be fanatical about the value you create: you should not lose sight of your main purpose, which is to solve a specific problem 
  • Understand your flywheel: you must understand that consistency is key so as to notice notable improvements
  • Be a good communicator: you must be able to translate your vision into words and clear objectives, and surround yourself with investors or other team players 

These steps are key if you want to go beyond and stand out from the crowd. Besides, they also prove that entrepreneurship is far from being a lonely journey. In fact, Testa reminded that the best entrepreneurs were accompanied by mentors. And this represents one of Testa’s missions, he offers mentorship to to-be entrepreneurs. 

Fabrice Testa built a specific program, “The Crazy Method Launchpad”, which consists of a 12-week program of premium online training. This can help you “successfully materialize your breakthrough potential”.