11.01.2023 Marketing Brand Farvest Decrypt Interview Luxembourg

A glimpse within Le Moulin's brand strategy backstage, with BeToCee

Writer Samira Joineau
© Sabino Parente

Within the scope of the 13th edition of the Marketers Gala, the famous Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards ceremony returned on December 7 with three new categories. The opportunity to pass the microphone for the winners to tell us more about their projects!

BeToCee agency – rewarded with the Best Marketing Strategy Award – invited us within the backstage of Le Moulin’s brand strategy creation.

What has been the strategy behind the development of Le Moulin’s brand awareness?

The strategy behind the development of the Brand Awareness, has been “to go” to market in 2 ways.

1 – Brand Foundations: Telling the generation after generation Miller’s Story.  Since 1704.

2 – Product Trial: Have as fast as possible maximum trial of Households in Luxembourg.

To do so, we created the “Traditiuon vun Hei” mother Campaign diffused on TV & Cinema and other Media.

And we collaborated with POST Luxembourg to have a pack of the great “Le Moulin” Pasta delivered to every household in Luxembourg.  Over 200,000 Households got the taste our great new local pasta 😉

BeToCee has accompanied Le Moulin in their large-scale project, in the sense that you helped them build the storytelling of their brand. What was the main focus and how did you get to the result?

The main focus of the story-telling has been the natural inspiration that any miller has in himself – Inspired by Nature -.

From Windmill that gets blown by wind or steered by water to Wheat Fields and the virtue this basic plant has to so many great meals and consumable products.

Endorsed by “Traditiuon vun Hei”, it underlines the great value of the Products being 100% locally cultivated.

It took you a bit more than a year to achieve this project. What were the biggest challenges you faced? And how did you overcome them?

Well the challenge has been very particular as to its timing. We literally started our first Brand strategic Workshop amidst the arrival of Covid-19 – meaning July 2019. The entire project got to see the light in September 2020 after all packaging, product tasting, campaign developments took place in the most strict of hygienic contexts ever.

I believe in fact that this enabled us, to even more appreciate to create something great out of this new Brand Story and Innovation, as we got to savour the simple pleasure of creating something in a time where the entire world appears to stand still.

What is – according to you – the differentiating element that makes this brand unique? 

The differentiating element that makes this brand unique, is the 100% locally cultivated ingredients combined with the care of a generation after generation tradition that wants to make the best in class products or strong local eco-systems.

Further the brand is unique as it translates in all simplicity who the persons of the family of Moulins de Kleinbettingen are. And we all know everyone of us and our families are unique.