18.08.2022 Marketing Luxembourg Tech


FreeLens Media & Studio’s new production studio allows us to remain at the cutting edge of technology. In a space of 120 m², D’Studio offers Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions to produce the most innovative programmes.

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that allows the creation of virtual instead settings in which real people are placed. Augmented reality (AR) adds graphic or animated information to enrich audiovisual content.

Integrated into lives or videos, they can stimulate the viewer’s interest and modernise communication. These means, usually reserved for film studios and the largest television channels, are now available in Luxembourg, within the unique and complete infrastructure: “D’Studio”.

Yann FIGUET, founder of FreeLens, explains the features of D’Studio. “Our R&D has created this exclusive solution to modernise and make the creation of digital content attractive. The traditional powerpoint presentation has to find a new form to engage the audience.

We are convinced by the virtual reality as a communication tool. It is becoming more and more accessible and every company must use to reach its targets in an effective way.

In contrast to common tools, virtual reality provides effective didactic solutions to popularise complex subjects.”

For example, it is possible to add information, graphics or 3D objects. A financial director can present the results of his company in a dynamic way, a salesman can appear in the middle of his new products for an intuitive presentation. It is possible to move around in the virtual environment to discover the infinitely large, the microscopic or any space that is usually inaccessible… the solutions are infinite with the only limit being the imagination.

“Using these tools in a livestream makes the whole thing deeply captivating and stimulates action,” explains Igor Jelinski-Gaillardin, partner in FreeLens.

“In addition to the classic interaction tools such as Q&A, chat, voting and statistics, FreeLens has developed a simultaneous translation system in several languages and a technique for inserting remote guests into the set, as if they were present on the set. The whole system is equipped with a priority internet connection and duplex without loss of image quality.

The FreeLens team’s 25 years of experience in TV and corporate production are the guarantee of a recognized know-how and expertise. The technical solutions, cameras, tracking systems, cranes and satellite transmission must serve creativity and allow the production of impactful digital content.

Jelinski-Gaillardin, also reminds us of the sustainable dimension of this fabulous tool. “You have access to thousands of spectators without making them travel, you avoid transporting equipment and installations and you save your distant guests from long journeys. You create dream sets without travelling halfway around the world. You avoid the greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport. Since the settings are essentially virtual and custom-made thanks to VR and AR technology, you contribute to the protection of the environment. He added, “So, thanks to D’Studio, you are not only acting for the climate but also limiting your costs !

Credits: Freelens Media & Studio
Source: Freelens Media & Studio