08.03.2022 Finance Luxembourg Talents

Arendt appoints two new Partners

Arendt announced the appointment of two new Partners. Lynn Alzin and Emmanuelle Mousel will use their knowledge to strengthen the firm’s banking, capital markets and insurance law teams.

These appointments illustrate Arendt’s desire to continue building on its strategic approach, designed to provide clients with comprehensive legal advice on all facets of their projects.

Lynn Alzin (photo left)

Partner Bank Lending & Structured Finance | Capital Markets

Lynn Alzin is a Partner in the Bank Lending & Structured Finance and Capital Markets practices of Arendt & Medernach.

She assists banks, investment firms and other professionals of the financial sector, payment service providers and other companies with all types of financing transactions. She also advises clients in setting up regulated and unregulated securitisation vehicles, and on the issuance of debt instruments.

Lynn has contributed to the strong growth of these practice areas. She intends to help drive the national and international development of the entire sector encompassing financing, capital markets and securitisation, with a particular focus on developing the fund finance market.

“The fund financing market is new, but very promising. It is developing in parallel with the market for unregulated funds in Luxembourg, which has grown steadily since special limited partnerships were brought into domestic law. We have also seen an appetite for this type of financing on the part of Luxembourg banks. The aim is to make Luxembourg a key fund financing market, to make Luxembourg law the reference legal system in this area, and to make Arendt the poster firm for this type of financing, on both the lender and the borrower side,” Lynn remarks.

Emmanuelle Mousel (photo right)

Partner Banking & Financial Services | Insurance & Reinsurance Law

Emmanuelle Mousel is a Partner in the Banking & Financial Services and Insurance & Reinsurance Law practices of Arendt & Medernach.

She advises banks, investment firms and other professionals of the financial sector, payment service providers, as well as insurance and reinsurance companies, insurance sector professionals and intermediaries on regulatory, civil, commercial and insolvency law matters. Emmanuelle also assists financial and insurance sector players in litigation before courts and tribunals, and in criminal and regulatory investigations.

Emmanuelle’s objective is to strengthen the firm’s global and cross-departmental expertise in banking and insurance law, with a particular focus on finance litigation.

“As the regulatory environment for the financial and insurance sectors continues to grow in complexity, so does the associated litigation risk. Our clients expect cross-sectional advice that combines an understanding of all of the applicable rules with strategic analysis of their litigation potential and real situation. I am delighted to be able to add to the firm’s expertise in these areas, which are absolutely complementary,” explains Emmanuelle.

In the words of Managing Partner Jean-Marc Ueberecken, “Arendt is strengthening its offering in response to regulatory developments and client needs. As experts in their rapidly expanding fields, our two new partners can draw on the support of all of Arendt’s knowledge and its distinctly complementary character. Lynn and Emmanuelle both possess the ambition needed to live up to today’s challenges and achieve the best results for their clients.”


Source: Arendt