Boost your investment strategy

Writer Laura Campan

Offering an easy access to decision-makers in both public and private sectors, as well as a dedicated support to over 700 startups and 15 incubators, Luxembourg is arguably a flourishing ecosystem worth watching. So, what are the new FinTech gems to follow in 2023?

This week, our team went to meet InvestSet Partner Gyorgy Varga to discuss the impact of technology on traditional wealth management.

How would you pitch your startup in a few lines?

InvestSet is a wealthtech company that connects investors to a vast global database comprising investment funds, stocks, ETFs, and bonds. Our comprehensive range of information encompasses descriptive data, documents, quantitative data, and all sorts of analytics. We pride ourselves on providing sophisticated portfolio management digital tools, including portfolio tracking, portfolio optimization, back testing and performance reporting. These tools are supported by our user-friendly cloud-based SaaS platform, which can be accessed effortlessly through mobile and desktop devices, APIs, Excel links, and white label solutions.

With its comprehensive and adaptable nature, our platform is designed to cater to a wide range of market segments, including wealth managers, family offices, asset managers, pension funds, and other financial institutions.

How did such an idea come up?

We’ve been in the technology scene for the financial market for some time now. Our team has a lot of experience in other markets, like Latin America, where we’ve developed customized solutions that are used by the big players. This led us to explore new opportunities.

We have identified a gap in both the European and Asian markets and realized the potential to use our technology. In a competitive landscape dominated by a few major players, but with limited customization options and high prices has reinforced our belief that our technology and experience could fill the existing gap in these markets. So, we thought, why not leverage our technology and expertise to develop a financial data analysis and portfolio management solutions in other markets? And that’s how we kicked off the process.

In selecting our headquarter, Luxembourg emerged as a natural choice due to its prominent role in the global financial ecosystem.

Which type of investor are you looking for?

Mainly VCs with a view and experience to leverage our business proposal.

What sets you apart from competition?

Despite the presence of major players, we conducted a detailed market assessment to develop a unique value proposition.

The first area where we truly stand out is by offering a customizable service. Imagine our portfolio as a set of Lego bricks, where clients can select the asset classes and analytical tools that best fit their specific needs.

The second point is our customer service, backed by a team of experts in technology and finance. Our dedicated team possesses deep knowledge in both domains, enabling us to truly understand the dynamics of the market and address the unique needs of our clients.

Last but not least, our platform is fully cloud-based, enabling fast access from anywhere to a global asset database with curated information.