24.04.2023 Human Resources CFL corporate culture FarvesTalks Luxembourg

CFL, rewarded as Icebreaker of the Year

Writer Laura Campan

Following a global pandemic and all the social phenomena that have impacted the job market since then, how to show resilience and embrace the new values of a whole (disillusioned) generation?

The 20th anniversary of the HR One Gala was arguably the perfect moment to discuss these topics with the awards’ winners.

This week, let’s start the ball rolling with CFL, the Icebreaker of the Year.

High salaries and quality infrastructures are no longer enough to attract talent. However, the risk of talent shortage is real… How does CFL intend to respond?

The new and future generations have different expectations and demands on which employers must adapt, so we constantly try to identify trends and, above all, be pioneers in these areas.

As the largest employer in Luxembourg, we do everything we can to attract the best talent and of course, to retain it. Regular employee surveys allow us to know and understand the opinion of our employees and respond in the best possible way to their needs and expectations.

This is done on several levels, to name a few:

  • Attractive talent sourcing, such as employer branding campaigns, recruiting events that introduce potential candidates to our professions, as well as give them a behind-the-scenes look at CFL / Luxembourg’s largest employer.
  • A working environment that offers the latest standards in tools, collaboration and working environments.
  • Onboarding program that introduces new employees to CFL and gives them an immediate sense of belonging – #WeareFamily
  • Personalized mentoring and training programs designed to both encourage and challenge employees
  • Respect, personal appreciation and involvement as well as empowerment are one of the most important keys to satisfaction for us: in leadership programs, managers are taught the internal leadership culture and helped with its implementation
  • Corporate social events are designed to strengthen collegiality and cooperation, and thus transversal collaboration.

In summary, we do our utmost to accompany employees in their personal development, through interesting challenging projects and training, without forgetting the necessary appreciation.

We often hear people talking about “inclusive” corporate cultures. But what does this mean exactly? How to translate it internally?

Luxembourg is known and loved for its cosmopolitan background, which naturally has an impact on businesses.

Inclusion and diversity are firmly embedded principles in CFL’s strategy. We believe that building teams with diverse skills improves not only the employee experience, but also productivity, innovation and decision-making processes.

For us, inclusion means inclusion and participation of all employees regardless of origin, languages, sexual orientation, gender or disability, etc.

Living such a culture internally requires the necessary support, awareness and processes.

Which concrete actions did you take – or are still taking – to favor such a culture?

At CFL, we have taken some measures to promote an inclusive corporate culture:

The “Développement Durable” team leads projects such as “Women@CFL , elaborates CFL internal policies and action plans, and ensures compliance with the Charte de Diversity.

With awareness campaigns, workshops and training sessions, the principles around inclusion and diversity are regularly touched upon and also concretely discussed with employees.

In concrete terms, these are implemented in the context of recruitment, compensation, and professional development. Language courses, team events, communications in all languages, gendering, different ways of working and so on are all designed to give everyone a sense of welcome and community, leading to the best possible satisfaction and productivity.

In addition, employees who are unable to work at CFL are absorbed and temporarily occupied on missions, upskilled and redeployed to new positions through an internal program.

What would you say to those who limit communication, transparency and cohesion to fine words? What is the business added-value of such an approach?

Transparent communication, exemplary and coherent action are part of our leadership principles and anchored in our strategy and corporate values.

For us, communication is a key to success and satisfaction as only well-informed employees feel included and valued. As a company with nearly 5,000 employees spread across Europe, pervasive communication (that reaches everyone) is a challenge, but one of the ways we try to optimize it is through an employee app that communicates in multiple languages.

Employee surveys regularly show us how important communication is to people and that they want to be involved.

Cohesion and corporate identity are strongly embedded in CFL’s DNA and are therefore one of our strengths.

The business value added is clearly employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction: a well-informed employee understands the company’s decisions and strategies and is therefore more motivated and productive.

Primarily, we would say to those: Walk the Talk is enormously important to ensure credibility and satisfaction in the long term.