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Devoteam TechRadar: what are the top tech trends to follow in 2023?

Writer Samira Joineau
devoteam techradar 2023
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In a flourishing market where new technologies bloom everywhere, businesses must adapt their global strategy so as to keep track of trends, but also to remain competitive. In the context of emerging “Cloud Native”, Devoteam has listed the top trends of exciting and promising technologies in the second edition of its 2023 TechRadar guide.

As companies have been facing new challenges over the past three years, they are aware that engaging in a digital transformation is inevitable. Besides, it can prove laborious due mainly to a lack of skills and resources, plus abundant offering and an ever-growing environment. 

Devoteam makes it a point of honor to identify, evaluate, test and assimilate the latest technological innovations in the fields of cloud, data, application development, cybersecurity – among others; and eventually to spot the most cutting-edge and promising ones. 

“These new disruptive models are built with the cloud, in the cloud, for the cloud. They are Cloud natives, and almost all of the technologies presented in this TechRadar 2023 are part of this movement” – Philippe Bournhonesque, Vice President of Innovative Development (Devoteam Group)

Speaking of emerging technologies, Devoteam highlights that we are entering the Cloud Native era. More than a way to rationalize IT infrastructures and a limitless reservoir of digital resources, cloud is now an essential tool for both innovation and adaptation in companies. Cloud enables the “creation of new, more sober, more resilient, and more in line with society’s expectations and world constraints models”, as mentioned in a press release from the group. 

Taking this into consideration, 96 Tech Leaders of the Devoteam group list – within the TechRadar guide – 150 technologies classified by strategic domains representing the topics on which businesses are strongly advised to spotlight and target, if they want to grow as leading digital companies. 

“The 150 emerging technologies have been ranked according to their degree of maturity and effectiveness” – Philippe Bournhonesque, Chief Technology Officer (Devoteam Group)

The Devoteam TechRadar features six specific segments, which are actually meant to represent what the group judges as the most crucial areas of business in the modern tech world. Here they are: 

  • Digital Business & Products, so as to answer the need for flawless execution. To achieve this, value creation and technological developments both represent the reflection of this desire 
  • Data-Driven Intelligence, which implies that a deep cultural change must be achieved by organizations before turning fully data-driven
  • Distributed Cloud, meaning to implement and enhance Edge Computing so as to relieve network congestion and minimize reaction time 
  • Business Automation, supported with a range of complementary tools (such as Microsoft Power Platform, UiPath, and MuleSoft RPA)
  • Trust & Cybersecurity, in order to address potential security incidents and vulnerabilities – to note that most of them are mainly generated by human errors
  • Sustainability enabled by Digital, which requires accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future: this means that “relevance and precision of models, the traceability and quality of data, and the rigor of processes will all need to be significantly elevated

Devoteam organizes a live session on LinkedIn next April 18. And for those who cannot wait until the event, you can already download the guide to find out how Cloud Native can help accelerate business innovation and discover the top 150 technologies of the year!