Discover CyberOne, Xiaomi's humanoid robot

Lei Jung, Chinese tech company Xiaomi CEO, presented earlier this month in Beijing (China) its new foldable phone – Mix Fold 2 – and… CyberOne, a humanoid robot. One year after revealing the CyberDog, Xiaomi now sets itself in direct competition with Tesla’s upcoming humanoid robot. So, what to expect from CyberOne?

Chinese brand Xiaomi is well-known for copying Apple when it comes to design new phones. Xiaomi is now after Tesla, which is about to present its first humanoid robot in a couple weeks, on September 30. Similarly to Tesla’s Optimus robot, CyberOne would be human-like as it is 177cm tall, and weighs 52 kg. Lei Jung stated that “Xiaomi Robotics Lab self-developed all of CyberOne’s AI and mechanical capabilities”, including “significant investments in R&D” notably in terms of software, hardware and algorithms developments.

These different aspects proved important for CyberOne to differentiate itself. As Xiaomi specified, its humanoid robot is capable of reading 45 human semantic emotions from the different voice tones, on top of being able to detect 85 environmental semantics. Further, CyberOne can visualize in 3D, enabling it to recognize individuals, gestures and facial expressions. As written on Xiaomi’s website, CyberOne “[understands] the world, and [wants] to understand you more”.

“These technological breakthroughs are also expected to give birth to more application scenarios in other fields, such as industrial robots with improved mechanical performance, companion robots with emotion recognition, and public service robots powered by big data and cloud computing.”

As the quote reads, Xiaomi did not hesitate to praise all its research and robot’s features & benefits in daily life. For now, the most realistic CyberOne’s application in real life might be for industrial purposes.

Credits: Xiaomi