08.07.2022 IT Farvest Decrypt Luxembourg

EBRC inauguration: "there is no digital without trust"

After 22 years in Cloche-d’Or, the European Business Reliance Center (EBRC) moved to new premises in Leudelange. To celebrate this change, a gathering – hosted by Master of Ceremonies Nathalie Reuter – was organized yesterday evening, followed with a reception. Economy Minister Franz Fayot, Leudelange burgomaster Diane Bisenius-Feipel, and POST General Director & EBRC board of directors President Claude Strasser were present for the occasion.

“As a burgomaster, I am delighted to welcome EBRC in Leudelange”, declared Diane Bisenius-Feipel. It is clear that EBRC arrival in this municipality will contribute to its attractiveness, for both workers and inhabitants. These new changes mean that the city has new responsibilities to take care of, in terms of public transportation development, parking regulations, on-site activities and services.

On top of celebrating the new premises, this event was also the opportunity for EBRC to honor its 20-year anniversary – that couldn’t be properly organized due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Now that most restrictions are lifted, EBRC could finally organize a reception dedicated to these two achievements.

In these circumstances, EBRC CEO Yves Reding recounted the company’s evolution since its foundation in 2000, when it was still a startup. Specialized in the management and protection of sensitive information – from advisory, managed services, to cloud, cyber-security to business security and data centers – EBRC achieved multiple leaps, such as the opening of 4 data centers. Hereunto, Franz Fayot highlighted that the latter contributed to the “Luxembourg reputation as an ICT hub owning advanced and secure digital infrastructures”. On top of this, EBRC became a subsidiary of POST group.

Referring to his speech at ICT Spring, Franz Fayot underlined that “Europe must acquire a digital sovereignty”. Nevertheless, he reminded that both digital transition and energetic transformation go hand in hand, so as to improve people’s lives and to respond to climatic urgency. For this, it appears essential to respect strong values, and this passes by including the human in the center of business plans. Recalling EBRC’s values, Reding commented that now, the priority should be to “replace humans in the center of technology to make sure they do not become its slave”.

Meanwhile, an artist worked on a canva to illustrate the company logo, an inukshuk, meant to match and impersonate EBRC values, forging its identity, – based on (cyber)resilience, planet preservation and a trusted European digital space establishment – and engagement, as explained by the CEO.