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HR One Gala 2023
Human Resources Event Luxembourg

HR One Gala 2023

Since 2002, the HR One Gala is the unmissable annual event where 500+ HR decision-makers gather for a unique moment of sharing through targeted conferences, a networking cocktail and the traditional Gala Dinner including the Luxembourg HR Awards.

This year, this dinner will have a different taste and promises to be full of emotions and surprises as we will be celebrating 20 years of an iconic rendez-vous, 20 years of best HR practices, 20 years that HRs trusted us to feature the best the sector has to offer.

If there is one edition you should not miss, definitely, it is this one!

As each year, the Luxembourg HR Awards will aim to promote and spread best practices, foster emulation between the country’s professionals and offer recognition to the best solutions provided on the market. Key skills required to be a candidate for the awards include: professionalism, a sense of innovation, ethics, as well as a national involvement

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