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Journée Mondiale de la Normalisation 2023

ILNAS, in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg, is organizing an event to celebrate World Standards Day, on Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, starting at 1:30pm, at the Maison de la Biomédecine II (Biotech II) on the Esch-Belval Campus.

The first part of the afternoon will focus on the strategic framework for standardization in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, providing a summary of recent normative developments concerning the three “growth” sectors specifically addressed within the Luxembourg Standards Strategy 2020-2030, namely Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), aerospace and construction, and then presenting the new strategic field of investigation: “Sustainability & Technical Standardization”.

The event, emphasizing the World Standards Day theme of “Standards to reach Sustainable Development Goals“, will continue with an introduction to the circular economy within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by the Ministry of the Economy, which will also detail the ISO 59040 standard “Product Circularity Data Sheet”, initiated at national level in 2018 and currently under development. Subsequently, the implementation of this standard in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will be presented by the new GIE “Terra Matters”. These presentations will enable the socio-economic players present at the event to understand the role and importance of the circular economy for the Luxembourg market, and also the value of technical standardization, which effectively contributes to the achievement of national sustainability objectives.

Then, in the second part of the event, the University of Luxembourg will present the latest results of the joint ILNAS/University of Luxembourg-SnT research program “Technical Standardization for Trustworthy ICT, Aerospace, and Construction” (2021-2024). The PhD students involved in this program will present the white paper “Trustworthiness in ICT, aerospace and construction applications – Scientific research and technical standardization”, which will be published on the day of the event, and which deals with reliability issues and standardization aspects linked to their research projects: applications in the field of terrestrial observation, Federated Learning and Building Information Modeling.

To close the event, ILNAS will be pleased to deliver the “National delegate in standardization” award, in recognition of the standards-related work of a national expert. Finally, all participants will be invited to a cocktail reception to encourage the sharing of experiences and exchanges. This is also a way of thanking the national community involved in technical standardization in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

While participation is free-of-charge, the number of available seats is limited. Therefore, registration is mandatory. We invite you to confirm your presence by Monday, October 3rd, 2023 at the latest. In case of cancellation or replacement by another participant, we kindly invite you to inform us by email.

In case of unexcused absence, or cancellation of a registration not communicated 48 hours before the event, we reserve the right to temporarily refuse the participation of the person concerned at future events.

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