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SAP Luxembourg Breakfast Series – Session 4


During this session, you will learn:

  • How you can benefit from intelligent data-driven insights as the foundation of every customer engagement.
  • How you increase customer loyalty, build relations based on trust and respect of data privacy.
  • How you can become a truly customer centric organization.
  • How to connect information from across your enterprise and unlock the potential of your customer data.
  • How you can offer a seamless login experience at every touchpoint and ensure interoperability across systems and channels.
  • How you can leverage data insights and deliver personalized messages to your customers at scale.


Agenda of the day:

08:00 Welcome coffee
08:30 Keynote: The power of a strong customer data strategy and roadmap
09:00 Confidence and trust : a key pillar of your customer data strategy 
09:30 Coffee break
09:45 Experience a Customer Data Strategy put in practice
10:45 Q&A
11:00 Closing