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SAP Luxembourg Innovation Days – Session 2

We’re thrilled to announce our much-anticipated events are coming back this fall to bring together industry leaders, executives, and professionals like yourself for a unique experience. Get ready to embark on a journey of business transformation, gain invaluable insights, and connect with like-minded peers, all while enjoying a nice lunch.

During this series of engaging sessions, we will dive into transformative themes that will reshape the way you approach business. Uncover the secrets to achieving business agility through a platform strategy, explore how finance departments can lead the sustainability transition as we introduce you to transactional carbon accounting. Experience the impact of people-first IT in driving ongoing business transformation. Learn how you can optimize efficiency, foster sustainability, and fuel people-focused growth within your organization. Gain practical insights, best practices, and real-world examples that will enable you to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change.

Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and equipped with the knowledge and connections to drive your organization forward in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Achieve financial excellence while adopting sustainable practices with Cloud ERP

Audience: Finance professionals and IT professionals

You will discover:

  • How Cloud ERP (aka SAP S/4HANA Cloud) can streamline all your finance processes delivering one finance suite to manage the business, to steer the business and to safeguard the business
  • How you can manage cash and liquidity accounting processes gaining an accurate, real-time view of your company’s cash position and forecast with end-to-end transparency
  • How with SAP Taulia you can combine payables, receivables, and inventory on a single platform allowing for a complete orchestration of the cash conversion cycle
  • How you can run financial consolidation and closing processes efficiently by unifying operational and group reporting.
  • How the finance department can lead the sustainability transition


12:00 – Welcome lunch
12:30 – SAP S/4HANA Cloud: One finance suite to streamline all your finance processes
12:45 – Customer testimonial: AlterDomus
13:15 – Manage cash, liquidity & working capital with SAP S/4 HANA Cloud
13:45 – Financing and dynamic discounting with SAP Taulia
14:00 – Coffee Break
14:15 – Financial consolidation with SAP Group Reporting
15:30 – Sustainable finance: Embedding sustainability into financial processes.
15:55 – Closing

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