Founded in April 2020, SQUAREMILED has joined the landscape of Luxembourg’s service companies with the aim of becoming a partner and provider of transversal expertise in today’s IT:

– Transforming infrastructure and security to cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid strategies.

– Development based on the latest technologies and in symbiosis with the current transformation strategies.

– And, the managed services for a total or partial management of the IT of our customers, with this novative DNA whatever their business.

SQUAREMILED is composed of recognized experts and passionate about IT. On the strength of more than 10 years in the field of Microsoft architecture, information system security and .Net Full Stack (Front & Back), our experts operate on demand on all types of projects.

SQUAREMILED’s objective is not to position itself as a new challenger in the landscape of Luxembourg IT services companies, but to respond a need, to guide you, to advise you, to bring an expert and external opinion to your organization, a help sometimes even just punctual, in order to help you lead your project or the expected success.

And because Human et experts are one and the same, we recruit our future colleagues and employees with care and passion.

Our approach to expertise in the fields we practice consists of constantly developing the knowledge of each of our experts: we train our employees on a regular basis and ensure a continuous technological watch.

Our values:

Trust : « our customers are our partners »
Security : necessary to sustain the ever-growing external collaboration
Communication : always regular and accurate
Innovation : being innovative in terms of IT/communication allows you to make the difference in front of the competition

Year of creation


3 Rue des Artisans L-3895 FOETZ Luxembourg
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