Talan Luxembourg PSF

Talan Luxembourg PSF

For more than 15 years, Talan has been advising companies and government agencies, supporting them and implementing their transformation projects in France and abroad.

Present on four continents, Talan has a turnover of 350 million euros and 3,500 consultants. Talan’s ambition is to integrate 1,000 new employees by 2021. The group puts innovation at the heart of its development and works in areas related to the technological changes of major groups, such as Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Present at key industry events such as Viva Technology, Talan regularly speaks about the challenges of these revolutionary technologies alongside major industry players and parliamentarians (Syntec Numérique, Forum de l’intelligence artificielle, Vivatech, etc.).

For the 7th year in a row, Talan is the winner of the French companies where it is good to work.

The Future is a Playfield

Through our baseline, we illustrate our vision, our ambition and our DNA: Talan’s future is in our hands and we will build it together.
To meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world, we help our clients embrace short transformation cycles, from design to implementation. We rely on both the technological lever and the strength of our DNA based on collective intelligence, agility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Collective intelligence consists of combining the diverse expertise of the group’s workforce with that of our customers and partners. Agility allows us to capitalize on our experiences and reinvent ourselves on each project with pragmatism and humility. At Talan, we are entrepreneurial, daring, bold and experimental when need be.

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Talan Luxembourg PSF

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