Telindus | DNAC Activation and Assurance

Public: - Cisco Customers - Sales Engineers - Enterprise Customers - Field Engineers Prerequisites: Attendees should have prior knowledge of Routing, Switching and Wireless.

- Describe and Implement the need for DNAC in a Brownfield environment - Visibility and Troubleshoot with Assurance - Describe and Implement the need for a new networking model - Describe the Cisco Software-Defined Access solution, its components and features - Describe and Implement Cisco DNA Center as the management solution for the new architecture - Implement a Wired SDA Infrastructure - Implement a Wireless SDA Infrastructure - Implement ETA with Stealthwatch

Course Overview:

This is a 4-day instructor led workshop aimed at Cisco partners and customers who are/have deployed Cisco DNA Center. This class will help enable Cisco DNA Center adoption in a brownfield environment utilizing Assurance as a feature to manage and troubleshooting both a wired and wireless environment, followed by migrating to Software Defined Access for both Wired and Wireless.

This workshop will be a mix of theory (30%) and labs (70%) and is aimed at a technical audience

Course Content:

The course leads you into detailed coverage of using DNA Center in a brownfield environment with Assurance its components and implementation as well as supported architectures and migration paths to SDA.

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1- Introduction to DNA
– Introduction to DNA
– Advantages of Cisco DNA Center without SDA
– Setup Prerequisites for a brownfield site
– Software Updates
– Network Hierarchy
– Build an inventory of wired and wireless devices for a brownfield environment
– Manage the Inventory
– Automating Image Management
– Command Runner
– Templates
– Topology
– Application Polices

Day 1 – Labs
– Create sites and building in the Cisco DNA Center
– Configure Network Settings
– Discover Network Devices – wired and wireless
– Place APS on the floor
– Verify the Topology
– Command Runner
– Template Editor
– Verify wireless and wired client connectivity

Day 2 – Assurance and SDA Migration
– Assurance for Wired and Wireless
– Wireless as a Sensor
– Intelligent Capture
– Prime vs Cisco DNA Center
– Trustworthy Systems
– Network Design for SD Access
– Migration strategy to SD Access:
– Architecture
– Underlay network Design
– Overlay Fabric Design
– Design Sizing Considerations

Day 2 – Labs
– Assurance for Wired and Wireless
– Setup wireless sensors integration with Assurance
– Setup intelligent capture integration with Assurance
– Walk through Troubleshooting with Assurance
– Preparing the Underlay Network for SDA
– Preparing the Overlay

Day 3 – SD-Access Wired
– Controller Fundamentals
– ISE and DNAC Integration
– Understanding Virtual Networks and SGTs in SD Access
– Policy Enforcement
– Cisco TrustSec Segmentation
– SDA Borders
– Wired SDA Implementation
– Troubleshooting Wired SDA Access with Assurance

Day 3 – Labs
– Creating IP Pools
– Create and Manage Fabric
– Adding Devices to the Fabric
– SDA Access Network Administration
– SDA Policy Administration

Day 4 – SD-Access Wireless
– SD Access Wireless Architecture and Solution Components
– SD Access Wireless Protocols and Communication Interfaces
– Designing Wireless Integration in SD Acess
– SD Access Wireless Guest Access Design
– High Availability in SD Access Wireless
– Troubleshooting Wireless SDA Access with Assurance
– Stealthwatch with ETA

Day – 4 Labs
– Provision the WLC to the SD-Access FABRIC
– DNA Center to Provision SSID
– Guest Access
– Stealthwatch with ETA

  • Duration 4 jours
  • Location Formation en présentiel (Bertrange), à distance ou en vos locaux
  • Language English
  • Next session
    From 11 to December 14, 2023
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