24.01.2022 Human Resources Luxembourg Tech

G-HR Tech, the super app for companies

G-HR Tech, the super app for companies

No more paper, documents and bureaucracy! G-HR Tech arrives in Luxembourg, an app with all the functions needed by the company and the employee.

Gulliver specializes in the development of mobile solutions at the service of the business and consumer market and, with more than 20 years of experience, is now the industry leader in Italy. To have better access to the European and world market, Gulliver has also established itself in Luxembourg, where it has found a dynamic environment and innovative strategy, akin to its future.

In the HR world in particular, thanks to the technology based on the two proprietary platforms, Gulliver was able to create a complete suite at the service of the employee and the company that combines different HR functions within a single app: G-HR Tech.

G-HR Tech Suite was created to simplify and improve the relationship between employees and the company. The goal is to help companies digitalize all their internal services and thus ensure greater efficiency and integration of business processes, eliminating paper and enhancing managed data.

Using their smartphone, each employee can interact with the company: clock in and clock out, communicate with the company, book a meeting room or a desk in a shared space, request leave or permit of absence, receive communications and useful documents from the company, send the expense report, participate in training courses, etc.

The suite was created to satisfy the companies’ needs and wants to grow with them!

The last function included, for example, relates to the control of the Covid Pass of employees upon entering the company; this service allows the company to manage the control automatically, avoiding both the use of additional personnel and queues / gatherings at the entrance. All the European application functionalities have been integrated into the solution, providing a certified solution in line with all the regulations in force.

Gulliver has helped several companies to automate and simplify their internal processes.

A pharmaceutical multinational company headquartered in the United States has chosen G-HR Tech as a tool to support the return to the office of its more than 12,000 employees, allowing them to independently book shared spaces (desks, parking lots, canteens, laboratories, meeting rooms) being able to use the map of the internal spaces of the company.

A multinational company in the telecommunications sector uses G-HR Tech to communicate with its more than 6,000 employees, providing them with useful company information within the same app used for booking entries into the company, send requests and receive documentation. The company has also decided to integrate the turnstiles part of the office entrance into the app, so that employees, by holding their smartphone, could independently scan the Covid Pass, fill in the self-certification and enter in total safety.

A multinational company in the renewable energy sector has chosen G-HR Tech to register the entry of personnel outside the company and to allow its 1,000 employees to clock in and clock out, communicate their workplace every day and receive the latest company news. Employees are also equipped with beacon bracelets to respect social distancing in a pandemic period.

An important automotive service company that reaches all of Europe, on the other hand, allows its drivers to manage their shifts, receive information from the company, send requests or reports thanks to a real secure B2B Chat business and GDPR Compliant.

Each of these companies has a different management of their processes, but they all use G-HR Tech to centralize the different activities within a single tool: the smartphone.

The after-sales assistance is followed directly from Luxembourg which, thanks to its multilingual capability, supports company websites in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

What distinguishes Gulliver from its competitors is undoubtedly the technological strategy: all the solutions are based on two internally developed platforms that guarantee constant growth and reliability over time. The first, MDC-X, allows you to create apps in an easy and immediate way; the second, G-OAL, assists programmers in the development of the back-end part and manages the data, IoT and AI components in an innovative way with the connection to third-party services.

In an ambitious and stable reality, but also in continuous growth like Luxembourg, we think that Gulliver’s twenty years of experience can meet the success of the international market precisely because it is developed on solid foundations and constantly updated evolved systems, guided by a digital growth strategy and harmonization that has always accompanied us.

Source: Communicated by Gulliver