04.02.2022 IT Creative Luxembourg Tech

Game of Code 2022: A 36h hackathon, a World Cup Competition

The hackathon made in Luxembourg is back! Just like last year, Game of Code will be organized in a full digital mode, from June 28th to 30th. In total, the competition will last 36 hours, where teams of coders from all around the world are welcome: will they be able to solve the challenges cooked specifically by the events’ partners?

Join us for this unique online hackathon. Create your team, choose among the challenges proposed – to be announced soon – to develop an innovative digital product in 36 hours and exchange with international coding enthusiasts.

Test yourself and prove that you and your team are the best developers in the competition, win the great prizes offered by the sponsors of the event. €5,000 cash prize for each winning team.

In 2021, this international edition of Game of Code saw the participation of over 60 developers and coders, coming from 10 countries from Ethiopia to Italy and even from the Philippines.