How to manage corporate credit cards effectively?

Writer Laura Campan

Offering an easy access to decision-makers in both public and private sectors, as well as a dedicated support to over 700 startups and 15 incubators, Luxembourg is arguably a flourishing ecosystem worth watching. So, what are the new FinTech gems to follow in 2023?

This week, our team went to meet Pliant CEO and Co-Founder Malte Rau to better understand how to manage corporate credit cards effectively.

How would you pitch your startup in a few lines? 

Pliant is Europe’s most innovative B2B corporate credit card solution. Pliant shows that credit card payments are as easy as possible for customers for over two years, and demonstrating that credit cards are a safe and cost-effective payment method for many types of businesses. Created in 2020 in Berlin and after providing its forward-thinking payment solution to more than 1,500 satisfied customers in Germany and Austria, Pliant is now available in Luxembourg.

How did such an idea come up?

We believe credit cards are the best B2B payment method because of their universal acceptance, convenience, security, and programmability. It’s a future-proof payment that can dominate payment categories and offers unique benefits to a variety of industries.

How much have you have raised and on how many rounds?

We raised $48 million in total from a wide range of investors – Motive Ventures, Alstin Capital, Neosfer, SBI Investment, MS&AD Ventures, and First Momentum Ventures.

What sets you apart from competition?

Pliant is laser-focused on providing the most capable payment solution for businesses – and that’s credit cards. Both physical and virtual cards with high limits, flexible payment cycles, fully digital card management, and more. Plus, businesses don’t need to visit a bank or open a new bank account.

Any news you would like to share? – on a fruitful partnership for instance, a disruptive product you’re working on, or an anecdote when creating your firm.

We just releasd our CaaS (cards-as-a-service) product that allows businesses to issue their own credit cards through Pliant’s platforms. Fintechs, banks, lenders, and other companies can offer their customers a fully functional card solution right out of the box with a white label setup or one that’s fully embedded into their own apps.

We also start this month a partnership with WIDOO, 1st collaborative purchasing group in Luxembourg. This partnership will help us to gain visibility by offering our solution to more than their 150 members, helping them to optimize their purchase processes and helping them to make savings.