09.02.2022 Human Resources

How to show results to your boss

How to show results to your boss

Learning how to keep your boss up to date on what you’ve accomplished may help you get a key promotion.

Article published by Korn Ferry

Not everyone is quitting their job right now. For those staying put, the Great Resignation that is filling the news could be a great time to get ahead. But there’s one catch: your boss has to know the results of your work.

A surprising number, experts say, have trouble tracking employees’ work, especially in the remote-work era. Even the most engaged manager divides their attention between other employees and responsibilities. But proving you’ve hit the mark may be critical toward reaching goals of incentive plans, which can account for 5-40% of many workers’ salaries. Here are our tips for reporting your results.


Get on their calendar

Measure your results

Show your skills and why they matter

Use your results to set ongoing goals

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