How to simplify your governance management journey?

Writer Laura Campan

Offering an easy access to decision-makers in both public and private sectors, as well as a dedicated support to over 700 startups and 15 incubators, Luxembourg is arguably a flourishing ecosystem worth watching. So, what are the new FinTech gems to follow in 2023?

This week, our team went to meet BoardiGO CEO Julien Jenoudet to (finally) get how to make the most out of governance.

How would you pitch your startup in a few lines? 

BoardiGO is a web and mobile application that dramatically simplifies the board management process while keeping it secure and compliant. Easy to use for board members and corporate secretaries, in online or hybrid mode, BoardiGO saves time and keeps track. No more gaps in the audit trail. Its embedded e-signature guarantees the legality of votes and signatures (compliant eIDAS).

How did such an idea come up?

Governance plays a crucial role in driving performance and is a key component of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). However, many tasks related to governance are still carried out manually, which poses a risk of being non-productive and non-compliant. This is because there is currently no comprehensive solution available for corporate secretaries and board members to efficiently and securely digitize their governance practices. As a result, many organizations are struggling to streamline their governance processes, which can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and potential compliance issues.

Which type of investors are you looking for? 

Mainly sparing partners, experienced in growing companies internationally.

What sets you apart from competition? 

BoardiGO is currently the most complete solution on the market and its pricing guarantees the cost savings for its users.

Any news you would like to share? – on a fruitful partnership for instance, a disruptive product you’re working on, an anecdote when creating your firm etc.

BoardiGO is now a mature product that can be used by both companies and governance professionals. Nevertheless new major features like general assemblies and speach-to-text+AI generated minutes are coming.