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ICT Spring 2022 returns on June 30th-July 1st!

ICT Spring 2022 returns on June 30th-July 1st!

ICT Spring is a Global Tech event featuring high level conferences, exhibitions and demonstrations of the latest tech trends and innovations. For this major 2022 edition entitled “Beyond Frontiers”, more than a hundred exhibitors are expected, many tech surprises await the participants as well as a TV set.

In parallel to the exhibition area and the numerous happenings of the event, ICT Spring is a fantastic  opportunity to go in depth with different strategic topics from different sectors. When a participant enters the event and depending on its profile and interests, he has the choice to go from one room to another to attend specific and practical sessions on one or several topics this event intends to explore.

With the pandemic hitting the world and the resulting increased digitalisation of society, technology is redrawing the boundaries of all aspects of our lives, whether private, public or professional. All these new frontiers in business, security, healthcare, commerce, industry, privacy, will be at the heart of the ICT Spring conference programme.

Luxembourg, located in the heart of Europe, is a privileged witness and actor of all these upheavals. The Grand Duchy is an internationally-recognised innovation centre with incredible agility. It benefits from a multilingual workforce and has a truly international orientation. In only a few years Luxembourg has created a new technological force and has launched a Space agency.

The ultimate frontier, space, obviously figures prominently in the programme. As space whets the appetite of scientists and entrepreneurs, ICT Spring will explore the impact of space technologies on terrestrial businesses and will feature how EU Technological Sovereignty can be empowered by secure connectivity and how the use of space can benefit the society. On the menu for this space summit: IoT, space tech, satellites, Earth observation…

The participants will also have the opportunity to deepen their digital knowledge and to discover how technology is redesigning the frontier between real and virtual words with high-level speakers who will present the latest trends in AI, Machine Learning, Metavers, AR, VR, gaming…

Luxembourg is also the Eurozone’s leading financial center and is therefore a testing ground for fintech, a new playing field for the traditional financial services. Speakers will highlight the revolution of blockchain and crypto in payments, how the use of data, Open Banking and Open Finance are disrupting the market, as well as the ever more rapid evolution towards a cashless society.

The massive digitalisation of society is also redrawing the frontiers of more traditional sectors such as industry. Technology, such as AI, machine learning, cognitive automation, and drones, has completely changed the supply chain. Innovation in the supply chain industry will logically have its place at the ICT Spring conferences. As well as ecommerce, a sector at the crossroads of fintech and supply chain issues, where digitalization and the use of data had a massive impact on brands, marketing, content and advertising.

Technology has also completely disrupted a sector whose crucial role was highlighted by the pandemic: Healthcare. How AI, data science, AR, biotech,IoT, will shape the future of healthcare services will be at the heart of the discussions.

Obviously, this ever-increasing use of data in all aspects of our lives raises a number of security issues. How to protect our data, our privacy, and how to prevent cyber attacks are some of the questions the speakers will answer.

Finally, ICT Spring is intended to explore new horizons, to stimulate innovation, to create links and opportunities and facilitate business. Start-up and VCs will therefore be able to meet around thematic conferences on all the issues mentioned above. This will provide entrepreneurs with the right assets to tackle the challenges ahead: fundraising, scaling-up, leadership.

In parallel with the conferences, visitors will explore a large exhibition area splitted into thematic zones echoing the programme main topics. The first evening, the ICT spring party will gather all the participants for an outstanding evening of networking. Visitors will also have the opportunity to connect and meet thanks to a specific matchmaking programme powered by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and its Enterprise Europe Network.

Stay tuned and discover every week the updates of the event, its backstage and the great surprises that await you by following the related social media pages: LinkedIn, Twitter , Instagram.

The event is organised by Farvest which has become the one-stop-agency for companies and institutions aiming to promote Luxembourg as a gateway to Europe and a perfect place to establish a company. The Agency contributes to support these organisations thanks to its strong and wide network of experts, industry leaders, and proven skills to bring meaningful short and long-term projects into life.

Composed of forward thinkers and passionate individuals, Farvest takes this opportunity to launch a call for the best ICT initiatives and practices to be featured in the frame of this event and is open to work with companies and individuals aiming to bring their sector to the next level, fueled with new technologies.

Visit the ICT Spring website HERE.