19.09.2022 IT Tech Training

ILNAS organizes a training course "Technical standards in the Internet of Things technologies"

On Friday, October 28th 2022, ILNAS organizes a training aiming to overview existing and ongoing standards related to the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT), which provide basic guidelines and recommended good practices for different aspects of the domain, notably for interoperability and security.

In recent years, the IoT has brought significant innovations and changes across a broad spectrum of application domains. However, the fast development of the technology brings new challenges. Among these challenges, interoperability occupies an important place as it is essential to connect IoT devices across various application domains. The issues related to security and privacy are also fundamental to minimize the risks and improve the performance. Discover how technical standardization contributes to address the challenges.

Date: 28/10/2022

Trainer: Dr. Shyam Wagle, ICT and technical standardization project manager within ANEC GIE. He was in charge of the development of the « Internet of Thing: National technical standardization report », published in June 2020 by ILNAS, with the support of ANEC GIE.

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Target audience:

ICT sector professionals (CEOs, CIOs, managers, consultants), entrepreneurs, researchers, as well as anybody interested in IoT and the associated standardization aspects.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  • Understand the current landscape of IoT technical standardization and describe the role of technical standards in IoT adoption

  • Be familiar with existing IoT standards and get an overview how they are useful across a broad spectrum of application domains

  • Get to know basic guidelines and good practices provided by existing IoT standards

  • Identify potential links of existing IoT standards with current legal framework


  • IoT standardization overview

    • Role of standardization

    • Landscape of IoT standards development organizations

  • Mapping of existing IoT standards

    • Foundational standards (e.g. ISO/IEC 20924, ISO/IEC 30141)

    • Interoperability standards (e.g. ISO/IEC 21823-1, ISO/IEC 21823-2)

    • Security and privacy standards (e.g. ISO/IEC 27400, ETSI EN 303 645)

    • Domain specific standards (e.g. ISO/IEC TR 30164, ISO/IEC TR 30166)

  • Overview of mapped standards

    • Scope

    • Guidelines and good practices

    • Identify links with current legal framework

  • National standardization efforts

    • How to become a national delegate

    • How to contribute to standards development process


A certificate of participation issued by ILNAS, a recognized training organization, will be provided at the end of the course.

Time: 9.00am -12.00pm



Southlane Tower 1 – 5th floor

1, avenue du Swing

L-4367 Belvaux

Price: 350 excluding VAT

Language: English

Maximum number of participants: 10

Please note that the training will be organized under the applicable government laws, rules and regulations related to the health situation.

The training session could be cancelled or postponed if the number of registrations does not reach the required minimum

In case of participation cancellation or replacement of a registered person by another participant, it has to be notified in writing (by mail, fax or e-mail). Any cancellation not communicated less than 7 working days before the training may result in cancellation and administrative fees of 50€ per person.

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