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ILNAS publishes a new edition of its Standards Analysis for the ICT sector

The new edition of the Sectoral Standards Analysis (Analyse Normative Sectorielle, or ANS) for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, published in the context of the Luxembourg Standardization Strategy 2020-2030, offers an overview of the various technical standardization committees in the ICT sector at the national, European and international levels. It allows national stakeholders to quickly identify standardization work relevant to their activities and facilitate their involvement in technical standardization. The Standards Analysis was presented during a breakfast organized by ILNAS and ANEC GIE on Thursday, April 21st, 2022.

This tenth version of the Standards Analysis proposes an update of the technical committee descriptions presented in the previous editions, classifiying them among twenty topics determined according to the interests of the national market and the European Commission’s Rolling Plan for ICT technical Standardization. The purpose of the document is to enable national market players to quickly identify the most relevant technical committees with regard to their activities.

Among the areas covered by the ANS TIC, one finds Smart ICT topics (e.g.: blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud), well-known cross-domain topics that are still of paramount importance (e.g.: software engineering, information security), and certain vertical domains (e.g.: Fintech, ICT and education).

This Standards Analysis also highlights the products and services offered by ILNAS with the support of ANEC GIE, to help any interested party discover technical standardization, in particular the possibility of actively contributing to it by becoming national delegate.

Within the framework of the Luxembourg Policy on ICT Technical Standardization 2020-2025, ILNAS and ANEC GIE are at the disposal of national stakeholders to support them in their standardization developments. Thus, visits to companies continue in 2022 in order to present the document and the relevant standardization developments.

For any question or request related to technical standardization in ICT, we can be contacted at the following e-mail address: anec@ilnas.etat.lu.

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