15.09.2022 IT Luxembourg Tech

ILNAS publishes a new report “Management System Standards: Overview”

In the frame of the 2020-2030 national standardization strategy, and 2022-2030 national “ISO CASCO” policy, ILNAS has published a new report “Management System Standards : Overview”, which was presented during a breakfast organized by ILNAS and ANEC GIE on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022.

This report first gives insight on the very concept of management systems, by describing the components, objectives, and benefits of using Management System Standards (MSS). The document then outlines the topics covered by various MSS and introduces the most commonly used ones. This overview is complemented by figures showing the constant growth in the adoption of MSS in the world and in Luxembourg, illustrating the market’s interest in this type of standard and the related certifications. Next, the report touches on the topic of conformity assessment, discussing the role of accreditation and certification in the overall chain of trust aiming to demonstrate the proper implementation of the requirements given in an MSS.

Furthermore, to illustrate the importance of MSS, this document includes testimonials from national organizations, most of them certified, that have implemented such management systems. They discuss the benefits and challenges associated to the usage of the MSS, sharing their experience. Finally, the report highlights the possibilities offered by ILNAS to access MSS, as well as to participate in their development.

For any additional information or request related to technical standardization, we invite you to contact us at the following e-mail address: anec@ilnas.etat.lu.

Credits: ILNAS
Source: Press release from ILNAS