10.02.2022 Finance Luxembourg

InFiNe.lu unifies the national inclusive finance ecosystem with an interactive online map

One inclusive finance ecosystem. One common ambition. For global reach.

The Government of Luxembourg has a long-lasting record for supporting the financial inclusion agenda, and actively integrated it to its cross-sectorial development cooperation program. For more than a decade Luxembourg has exceeded official development assistance aid donations set by the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, committing an average 1% of gross national income in the past 5 year. Capitalizing on the Grand-Duchy’s leading position in both financial and development sectors, InFiNe.lu, the Luxembourg Inclusive Finance network, decided to unify Luxembourg’s outstanding inclusive finance ecosystem with an interactive online map.

InFiNe.lu aims at stimulating financial inclusion as a key for poverty alleviation and empowerment of low-income groups. Gathering 36 members, InFiNe.lu brings together key stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sector to leverage the considerable knowledge available in Luxembourg to foster the deployment of inclusive finance worldwide. Building over 25 years of experience in inclusive finance, InFiNe.lu decided it was time to map Luxembourg’s stellar inclusive finance ecosystem. The aim of this interactive online map is to give a trustworthy image of the diversity of the actors, the variety of sectors, while positioning the Luxembourg inclusive finance ecosystem as a center of excellence.

Developed by the independent consulting firm PHB Development, this online interactive tool is a result of a detailed methodology and a thorough data processing, analysis and evaluation. Thanks to this four-pronged approach, the Luxembourg inclusive finance ecosystem is available at a glance:  1. listing the Luxembourg civil society, private and public stakeholders in inclusive finance;  2. showcasing the expertise of each actors; 3. presenting their activities around the world;  4. highlighting their respective alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The map is accessible for free on InFiNe.lu website: https://www.infine.lu/luxembourg-inclusive-finance-ecosystem/

This online interactive tool in available in English and will be updated regularly.

Michel Maquil, Chairman of InFiNe.lu, commented: “This cartography sets Luxembourg as the key player in inclusive finance. It shows the dynamism of a sector playing a leading role in strengthening sustainable and inclusive finance, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.”


Source: InFiNe.lu