31.05.2022 IT AI Farvest Decrypt Tech

Inflection raises $225M to redefine human-computer interaction

Earlier this year, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffmann, Deepmind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman and ex-DeepMind scientist and researcher Karén Simonyan, announced the creation of Inflection. Located in Silicon Valley, this AI-specialized start-up aims at redefining human-computer interaction.

“If you think of the history of computing, we have always been trying to reduce the complexity of our ideas in order to communicate them to a machine”, Suleyman confessed. The three co-founders created Inflection with the objective of commercializing AI-based softwares so as to facilitate communication between machines and humans.

Inflection plans on developing AI technologies that will prevent humans from learning any computer programs or using their mouses. Eventually, humans could simply speak to their computers as they would to other people. Further, they could even share their thoughts with machines. “These new language capabilities will revolutionize what it means to have a digital experience”, the project website reads.

For now, Inflection – launched last March – is currently in its early stages as it still needs funds. Earlier this month, the startup received a $225 million equity-financing transaction. We should keep a check on Inflection activity, as it sounds promising in terms of technology advances.

“Sometimes people work too hard to find historical analogies for what’s going on. We have never seen anything like what is coming over the next decade in AI”, Suleyman tweeted.