Intelsat x Aalyria: a collaboration to advance multi-orbit connectivity

Writer Samira Joineau
intelsat aalyria MoU
© Intelsat

The operator of one of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial networks and leading provider of inflight connectivity Intelsat signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Aalyria, an advanced software-defined and optical networking communications pioneer. 

This collaboration is poised to offer a new approach to connectivity between Earth and space, setting the stage for unprecedented data transfer capabilities.

The heart of this partnership lies in the development of groundbreaking optical technology, designed to facilitate the transfer of remarkable volumes of data between ground and space. 

Intelsat Chief Technology Officer Bruno Fromont encapsulated the essence of this partnership when he stated that “Aalyria’s groundbreaking technologies give us the opportunity to pursue high-secure connectivity at unprecedented speeds, opening up new frontiers in satellite communications”. 

A leap towards next-generation connectivity

The MoU inked between Intelsat and Aalyria forms a strategic framework for both companies to jointly deploy Aalyria’s cutting-edge technologies. The latter revolve around a sophisticated software and hardware platform capable of orchestrating bi-directional optical connectivity between the ground and space – with data speeds reaching hundreds of gigabits per second. 

This considerable leap in connectivity holds the promise of secure and ultra-fast communication for both government and commercial clients. 

What’s particularly stunning is the timeline set for the operationalization of this technology. By 2024, Aalyria aims to deliver massive data files in real-time. This capability will not only serve as a lifeline for networks experiencing capacity constraints or security breaches, but will also unlock new possibilities in satellite communications. 

With Intelsat’s industry leadership and Aalyria’s visionary technology, we are together reshaping what is possible and creating a fundamental capability to lead and enable a vibrant new space economy”, declared Chris Taylor, Aalyria CEO.