08.03.2022 Human Resources Talents Trends

International Women’s Day: This year, more than ever

International Women’s Day: This year, more than ever

Following two years of society overburdening women, experts say companies need to honor and support women employees.

Article published by Korn Ferry

The software firm has enjoyed quite a pick-up in business since last summer, a growth boom only interrupted slightly by the Omicron variant. It has been hiring, shelling out bonuses, and sending congratulatory notes to staffers left and right. Yet the head of the sales department, a 44-year-old female, executive, is not feeling very excited. Actually, she’s not feeling much of anything about anything. She’s just exhausted. And, well, done.

She’s not alone. When pressed, even most men will agree that women carried society through the pandemic, providing billions of hours of childcare, education, and caretaking, all while holding down jobs or having to leave those jobs.


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