07.06.2022 IT Data Farvest Decrypt

Japan set a new record for data transmission speed

On May 30, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan declared that its research team set a new record in terms of data transmission speed. Although 5G is still in progress and promises faster speed, the NICT researchers defy the speed limits.

Researchers already reached a data transmission speed record in 2021, through the achievement of 319 terabits per second. One year later, the same team outperformed themselves and succeeded to increase the data transmission speed to 1020 terabits per second (or 1.02 petabits per second). It is to note that this was accomplished on an existing 51.7-kilometer long network cable.

In other words – thanks to this new technique – it would be possible to transmit 10M video feeds simultaneously. According to the NICT press release, researchers relied on 0.125mm diameter multi-core fiber (MCF) with wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). The latter enables sending signals of different wavelengths simultaneously through the line. Also, the technique rests upon the use of four-core  MCF so as to quadruple the routes for data transmission.

Although this innovation is impressive, it cannot be generalized anytime soon. In the meantime, the NICT will keep researching on advanced optical fibers for both near and long-term applications. As the number of devices is on the rise, it remains important to innovate in terms of data traffic and communication systems.