24.01.2022 Human Resources Luxembourg Mobility

KBC MoveSmart & KBC Bicycle Lease - Mobility solutions adapted to human resources

KBC MoveSmart & KBC Bicycle Lease - Mobility solutions adapted to human resources

Over the past two years, Covid has transformed our mobility and the way we work. Less travel, implementation of telecommuting, increasing offers of more sustainable vehicles, etc… Employees have new expectations.  They are asking for more work flexibility, at the workplace and in travel.

These elements require employers, and particularly human resources departments, to adapt themselves in order to meet employees’ expectations and attract new talents.

All these needs bring a lot of questions.

• What kind of mobility do you offer?

• What is included in my contract?

• Do I have the right profile to drive an electric vehicle?

• What about the energy management?

• …

The question arises, “How do we effectively manage and respond to all of these issues?”

Based on this reflection, KBC Autolease has developed new tools: KBC MoveSmart and KBC Bicycle Lease.

KBC MoveSmart: a practical 100% digital management tool!

KBC MoveSmart allows you to manage a mobility package in which Mobility Manager and Drivers are central. Every customer can activate the application for free!

What features are offered?

• You define the rules of your Car Policy : duration, mileage, CO2, brands, models, fuel and body types;

• You manage the access of your employees;

• Simulation and offer: you and your employees have many possibilities of simulation in the respect of the defined rules. You can :

→ configure the make and model of your choice, including options, accessories and promotional packages;

→ input additional equipment, such as a roof box or a charging station for electric cars;

→ enter additional discounts granted by the dealer, in addition to the agreements already taken into account;

→ download the dealer’s offer;

→ The lease price is adapted each time you add or remove a package or an option ;

→ compare different offers in all their aspects.

• Once your employee has configured his/her ideal car, order it directly to KBC Autolease via a digital ordering process with electronic signature.

• Electric cars and plug-in hybrids, in combination with a charging card and a charging station/smart cable, are also part of our offer.

• You need reports? With KBC MoveSmart, you can edit your reports in Excel format at any time.

• Finally, you and your employees have access to all information about the contracts: from the fiscal and financial overview, the dealer’s data, vehicle specifications, purchase price and services included, to the filling up history, mileage and maintenance.

• Languages: KBC MoveSmart is available in 3 languages, English, French and Dutch.

KBC Bicycle Lease: diversify your salary package with alternative mobility!

Cycling is good for the planet and for your health. KBC Bicycle Lease combines mobility, pleasure, health, ecology and salary attractiveness! On top of that, Bicycle Lease is also a way to optimize your CSR!

What does KBC Bicycle Lease offer?

• A tax optimization;

• An operational leasing for all types of bikes: folding, VTC, road, mountain bike, cargo, electric or muscle. The services included:

• fixed term: 36 months;

• financing;

• maintenance;

• theft and damage insurance;

• assistance;

• end of contract: free choice, restitution or repurchase at market value.

Source: Communicated by KBC Lease