Launch of the EU-NATO Task Force

security critical infrastructure

The challenges to the European Union’s security and resilience are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. A range of actors constantly test our resilience, seeking to exploit the openness, interdependence and connectivity of our societies and economies.

The weaponisation of energy and the acts of sabotage against the Nord Stream gas pipelines have led to heightened attention to ensure the resilience of our critical infrastructure. Against this background, it is crucial for both the EU and NATO to support efforts to enhance national and collective resilience against threats to our critical infrastructure.

EU and NATO are joining forces to step up the existing cooperation by launching an EU-NATO Task Force on Resilience of Critical Infrastructure to reinforce our common security. This Task Force was announced jointly by President von der Leyen and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg on 11 January 2023.

President von der Leyen said: “We must strengthen the resilience of our critical infrastructure to always be ready. Today we successfully launched the first meeting of the Task Force for Resilient Critical Infrastructure. EU and NATO senior experts will work hand in hand to identify key threats to our critical infrastructure and work on responses.”

The EU and NATO will share best practices, enhance shared situational awareness, develop key principles to improve resilience including mitigating measures and remedial actions. The Task Force will cover four sectors at this stage: energy, digital infrastructure, transport, and space. The Task Force is between EU and NATO staff, and it will be established within the EU-NATO Structured Dialogue on Resilience.

Only by working together, we can counteract those seeking to undermine our security, and ensure that our critical infrastructure remains robust and reliable in the face of evolving threats.

Source: The European Commission