20.04.2022 Human Resources Sustainability Tech

Leadership for a software-defined everything world

korn ferry

Korn Ferry has a bold perspective about what it takes to successfully lead in the Software-Defined Everything (SDE) World. Software affects everything in our world. SDE is accelerating the lifecycle of all companies – from birth to decline. It is driving radically disruptive new business models, enabling faster growth and greater access to capital and annuity revenue than ever before.

Software-driven intelligence must be embedded in your organization’s infrastructure, products, and services to achieve success and deliver value. At the same time, customer expectations for an instant, frictionless and differentiated experience – enabled by software – continue to increase.

Success in this age of SDE disruption requires an evolving and new type of talent and a new type of leader. Unfortunately, the leaders required to succeed in this new age of SDE are rare. Korn Ferry estimates 80% of executives lack the mix of competencies, experiences, and leadership graces to thrive and win in this new age.

These leaders will empower organizations to overcome the most critical SDE challenges. Companies must identify their existing SDE leaders and develop the required skillsets in their leadership ranks.

1. Organizations need to hyper-focus on delivering a superb experience for customers and employees, everywhere and all the time.

2. Organizations need to seek big and bold ideas to drive value and create differentiation.

3. Organizations need to reevaluate their purpose and ensure that their impact on the environment and society aligns with their stated values.

4. Organizations need to anticipate continual disruption and keep pace with fluctuating market demands to deliver value.

Source: Korn Ferry