LIST and LuxProvide sign agreement for Luxembourg supercomputer venture

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and LuxProvide announced on February 14th the signature of a new framework agreement together aiming to support Luxembourg’s research and innovation ecosystem.

LuxProvide hosts Luxembourg’s world-class MeluXina supercomputer and offers high-performance computing, cutting-edge connectivity and advanced tailor-made solutions, enabling support, and accelerating the work of scientists and engineers with challenges arising from a variety of domains – from materials, life and earth sciences, to space, manufacturing and finance.

LIST now operates a new AI and Data Analytics platform, or AIDA for short. The platform is capable, where appropriate, to access enhanced high performance computing facilities tackling an ever-growing need for high performance data analytics.

The partnership agreement, therefore, gives AIDA access to MeluXina, allowing LIST and LuxProvide to work together with common research and innovation projects while sharing their specialised expertise. The partnership will also allow shared professional training access and development.

Roger Lampach, CEO of LuxProvide stated, “Bridging LIST and LuxProvide platforms will reinforce the Luxembourg research, development and innovation (RDI) ecosystem, bringing unique opportunities to both the public and private sectors”.

Working together is a logical step forward as while LIST has a vested interest in using the national supercomputer MeluXina, LuxProvide will also be able to access the AIDA platform as part of the agreement.

“LIST’s AIDA platform, including our Visualisation Wall, are designed to empower external partners and internal researchers in testing AI projects. Coupled with the calculating power of the MeluXina supercomputer, this now gives us the possibility of offering a world-class tool for a one-stop service in Luxembourg”, said Thomas Kallstenius, CEO of LIST.

As part of the plan, an area of focus will be on innovation and common research set-up and implementation. In addition, both LIST and LuxProvide are engaged in the development of joint training programmes together related to their specific areas of expertise.

Source: LIST