Luxembourg-based ConTech kodehyve expands to Belgium

kodehyve, a key player in the digitisation of the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) space, expands to Belgium, leveraging their success in Luxembourg. With cross-border activities, industry familiarity, and key collaborations with new clients based in Brussels, kodehyve is well-prepared for the Belgian market. The team will launch at Realty summit followed by a roadshow across Belgium, introducing their product suite and exchanging with key industry players. kodehyve’s products thought for internationalisation are poised to reshape property development in Belgium, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey.

Leading the way in digitising the AEC ecosystem, kodehyve is strategically expanding into the Belgian market. Building on its substantial progress in Luxembourg over the past years, kodehyve now brings its solutions to property developers, constructors, real estate funds and related industry professionals in Belgium. 

Driven by a deep understanding of the dynamic real estate landscape, kodehyve’s decision to enter the Belgian market comes as a natural progression. With a considerable number of property developers operating across both Luxembourg and Belgium, kodehyve’s technologies are well-positioned to serve the needs of these interconnected markets. The company already boasts a strong clientele in Luxembourg with activities extending to Belgium, including clients that are active in cross-border projects and Luxembourg-based companies under Belgian ownership. Notably, kodehyve is collaborating with clients engaged in cross-border activities, including a prominent property developer headquartered in Brussel who recently joined kodehyve’s customer base. 

We are excited to take this strategic step forward by extending our reach to the Belgian market,”

said Felix Hemmerling, CEO of kodehyve.

Our growth in Luxembourg has provided us with the required insights to bring our product suite to Belgium. We recognise the similarities between the two markets and are thrilled to help drive the digital transformation and streamlining of the AEC ecosystem in Belgium. 

In the context of the launch of this market expansion, kodehyve is strategically partner and attending Realty – Belgium real estate summit on September 19th and 20th 2023, where kodehyve will host a conference that will highlight the company’s expertise in and vision for digitising the property development, construction and investment lifecycle in Belgium. This talk

will delve into the transformative impact automation and data-driven strategies have on property development stakeholders’ activities, where the speakers will be exploring how the latter help reshape the built ecosystem by unlocking capital efficiency, achieving operational performance and de-risking activities in new property development. In addition, kodehyve will be featuring an exhibition booth to showcase its products and engage with potential clients and partners on-site. 

Realty is a great opportunity for our team to meet industry players, not only to introduce our solutions but also to exchange with key stakeholders in the Belgian real estate industry.”

Felix Hemmerling continued.

“We chase after gaining a deeper insight into the Belgian market so as to further adapt our product to this market’s future needs.” 

After this symbolic kick-off at Realty, kodehyve CEO and sales team will go on a roadshow across Belgium to meet property developers and key AEC ecosystem players to further exchange with industry experts. 

kodehyve builds industry-specific, end-to-end operating systems and APIs, powering property developers, constructors, real estate funds and agencies – as well as their stakeholders – to more conveniently and efficiently structure, execute and analyse project management, investor and customer lifecycle management, risk and compliance, as well as financial management – in the context of new property development projects – supported by a cross-platform layer of automation and business intelligence. 

Having been designed with internationalisation in mind, kodehyve’s products are already equipped to seamlessly integrate with the unique requirements of the Belgian property development sector. The proven effectiveness of kodehyve’s software solutions in Luxembourg provides a solid foundation for tackling the challenges faced by Belgian property developers. 

“Our product has been built for internationalisation and is well-prepared and mature enough to make a significant impact in Belgium and beyond. We recognise the similarities between the two markets and are excited to help drive the digitisation of property development processes in Belgium.”

added Felix Hemmerling, CEO at kodehyve. 

As kodehyve continues to evolve as a pioneer in the digitisation of the AEC industry and especially property development, its expansion into the Belgian market marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. 

Source: kodehyve