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Luxembourg HR Awards 2021: And the winners are…

Luxembourg HR Awards 2021: And the winners are…

After a digital edition in 2020, the Luxembourg HR Awards Ceremony, organised for the 19th year in a row by Farvest, made its comeback in a physical format on February 1st at European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL), as part of the event Human Capital Europe.

The Luxembourg HR Awards Ceremony was held during the HR One Gala Dinner that concluded the one-day event Human Capital Europe.

“Just as 2008 and its economic recession was a challenging year for CFOs, 2021 and its unprecedented pandemic underscored the necessity for HR professionals to be present on all decks, to lead the organizational change, to digitalise the human resources strategies and processes while complying with the organizational goals. After a new year in survival mode due to a nonstop deluge of work, we are proud to spotlight what has been achieved and the challenges companies have taken up” underlined Charlotte Boutelier & Margaux Vetzel, Managing Directors of Farvest before giving the floor to the host of the Luxembourg HR Awards Ceremony, Lisa Burke, who presented seven categories which winners are as follows:

HR Digital Partner of the Year Award: Rewards an HR digital partner –service provider or consultant– who is seen as a trusted partner and who supports a company in transforming traditional business processes towards a more data-driven approach, bringing an exceptional customer experience


Learning & Development Award: Rewards innovative corporate HR services in supporting customers in training & development, ensuring a better human skills workforce, representing a leveraging of technology, innovation and human capital

MLC Advisory

European Rising HR Tech: Rewards an European startup with emerging and growing HR technological innovations, leveraging the use of artificial intelligence within the organization, offering HR solutions to deliver a flexible and streamlined work model, continuous growth of human capital and improving the HR value chain, a more diverse, unified and successful workforce


Onboarding Excellence Award (sponsored by Cubiks-PSI): Rewards the HR philosophy related to the successful integration and socialization of new employees, as well as the projects or tactical processes put in place to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and corporate culture by newcomers


CSR Initiative of the Year Award (sponsored by INDR): Recognize a CSR initiative –humans’ rights, health, safety, well-being, diversity, gender balance, recruitment, onboarding, incomes, training & mobility, employability– offering an added value to both the company and the society generally speaking


HR Manager of the Year Award [elected through suggestions of HR professionals]: Rewards a human capital leader in the broad sense for his/her strategy and projects, alignment with the different departments and the results obtained. As a privileged partner of the CEO and the company’s various leaders, his/her contribution to collective performance, innovation and employee wellbeing also influence the company’s image)

Jessica Rabut, HR Director, Lombard Odier Group

Human Focused CEO Award: Rewards a CEO who empowers the importance of employee engagement and staff recognition in order to foster productivity, employee well-being, and the overall success of the organization, which drive effective business sustainability and the achievement of such a corporate culture

Wilfrid Lagrange, CEO, Devoteam

200 professionals were reunited for the occasion and enjoyed an outstanding Gala Dinner, exploring the future of the HR sector with their peers. It was the occasion to support the candidates but more importantly, to meet up with the community.

Credits: (Photo credit: Sabino Parente)