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Luxembourgish students authorized to use ChatGPT!

Writer Samira Joineau
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While the use of  AI software is highly discussed, even banned, in many schools; the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)responsible for the International Baccalaureate Diploma – is willing on its end to embrace innovation by authorizing high school students to rely on AI-chatbot ChatGPT to compose their essays. How to explain this?

Those of us who work in the schools or exam sector should not be terrified by ChatGPT and the rise of AI software”, notes IBO Head of Assessment Principles & Practice Matt Glanville in a blog note. Instead of being considered a threat, AI software such as ChatGPT should be seen as a way to create new educational opportunities. 

“To submit AI-generated work as their own is an act of academic misconduct and would have consequences. But that is not the same as banning its use.” – Matt Glanville

Last week, IBO announced that it will enable its students to help themselves with ChatGPT on one condition: to clearly mention their sources of information – including when it emanates from an AI software. The idea here is to educate high school students to rely on this new wave of tools ethically and effectively. 

In fact, students are therefore required to learn how to prompt AI writing tools and evaluate its quality, accuracy, and originality. “In an AI-informed world, young people will need to be able to think around problems and be creative rather than seeking simple answers or following a routine process. The AI tools will do the latter quicker and more effectively, while the former is where humans can excel”, explains Glanville. 

Besides, UCLA School of Law teacher John Villasenor highlights that it leans on students’ shoulders to optimize their essays’ organization, flow, and communication – whether they use AI-assisted writing or not. Villasenor is convinced that AI tools are to prepare these up-and-coming adults to better “communicate, explain, convince, memorialize, request and persuade”.

Either in educational spaces or in the labor market, tech enthusiasts – like Ganville or Luxembourg House of Financial Technology CEO Nasir Zubairi – ensure that such AI tools are not here to replace humans’ brains, but rather optimize their working habits. 

“I’m encouraging my students to become responsible, aware users of the AI technologies that will play a profoundly important role over the course of their careers. The AI writing, so to speak, is on the wall.” – John Villasenor