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LUXHUB: Jacques Pütz resigns from his CEO position

Writer Samira Joineau
Luxhub: Claude Meurisse named as interim CEO
Dominique Gaul

Following LUXHUB CEO Jacques Pütz’ request to step back from his position, Claude Meurisse – Chief Operating Officer – took the lead on an interim basis. The former CEO should yet remain within the open banking entity.

After four years and a half spent at the head of LUXHUB, Jacques Pütz shared his decision to resign from his CEO position. Jean Hilger – chairman of the board of directors – and the other directors gave in to Pütz’ request, naming LUXHUB Chief Operating Officer Claude Meurisse as temporary CEO. 

As a reminder, LUXHUB was founded back in 2018 by four major local banks: BCEE, BGL BNP Paribas, Banque Raffeisen, and POST Luxembourg. The main objective of this entity is to help its customers to enhance their development in the current digital environment, so as to embrace the upcoming open banking opportunities.

Ex-BCEE Jacques Pütz was appointed as LUXHUB CEO and witnessed the fintech thriving evolution over the years – from its creation until today. Pütz is nevertheless to remain within Luxhub, handling yet-to-be-revealed responsibilities. 

Credits: Dominique Gaul