23.03.2023 Marketing Advertising Instagram Social Media

Meta displays new ads options to reach more people

Writer Samira Joineau
instagram new ads tools

Way more ads on Instagram! Meta introduced in a blog post two new upcoming ads tools among its existing options dedicated to advertisers: Reminder Ads and Ads in Search Results.

It appears clear that Meta is willing to highlight and boost ads within the toolset it offers advertisers to enhance their businesses and brands. 

“We’re introducing two new ad products that give businesses more ways to get discovered and form meaningful connections” – Meta

Meta disclosed its partnership with brands such as Starz, testing a new ad format to “announce, remind and notify people of future events or launches that they might be interested in”. This means that, when launching a new ad, advertisers will now have the possibility to set this new option – called Reminder ads

As explained in the blog post, the purpose of the latter is designed to help and support advertisers in raising awareness, anticipation, and even consideration for upcoming events. The post specifies that Instagram users are offered “convenient reminders”, which notify them one day before, 15 minutes before, and at the time of the event. 

reminder ads instagram

Brands offering live events/streaming (concerts, sports, movies) might be the most likely to make the most of Reminder Ads. Influencers could also leverage this new tool so as to promote their live sessions on Instagram. 

On the other hand, Meta launches Ads in Search Results. Just like Google, Instagram will enable advertisers to insert their ads in search results and also, beforehand, to choose keywords they wish to appear with. 

ads in search results instagram

Representing the main source of Meta’s earnings, all these changes come after a reshuffle of its ads strategy, in order to encourage businesses/brands to (re)invest in Instagram – and other Meta’s platforms. A few weeks ago, Meta also presented its Advantage+ plan which aims to automate and simplify ads creation processes. 

Meta seems to work twice as hard to innovate and to hopefully get back on even keel!

Credits: Instagram