25.08.2022 Marketing Farvest Decrypt

Meta: on the way to create a BeReal replication

This week, tech leaker and mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi leaked on Twitter that Meta’s platform Instagram is developing a new feature, which would be entitled “IG Candid Challenges”. What’s striking though is that it looks rather similar to the app BeReal.

According to Paluzzi, Instagram is testing a new app functionality which bears a strong similarity to the French social media app BeReal. Launched in 2019, the concept of the latter is to send its users a daily notification to post a simultaneous selfie and rear-facing picture, at a random moment. The app was not popular until earlier this year, and it currently owns the first place on Apple’s charts for free apps.

The concept of the new IG feature looks similar as it would invite its users to take part in “Candid Challenges”. As the BeReal app, Instagram would notify IG users daily to share a dual picture of themselves and their surroundings. Everyday, these pictures are to be added on the IG Stories tray. This potential feature launch would go hand in hand with the release of an option entitled “Dual”, letting people use both their front and rear cameras simultaneously.

Concretely, the BeReal app – as well as this new IG feature – aims to detach users from posting “ideal” and often edited pictures of themselves on social media platforms. This way people are encouraged to share their most authentic and real selves, without any filters glamorizing the reality. This does particularly apply to the younger generation, which is easily influenced by famous leading figures’ or content creators’ curated feeds.

For now Meta spokeswoman Christine Pai did not confirm yet the release of this feature, as it is still an “internal prototype”. In any case, if released, it would not be the first time that Meta copies its rivals – in particular buzzing TikTok.