07.03.2023 Human Resources HR One Gala Luxembourg Metin Hara Quiet Quitting

Metin Hara : “The lack of purpose harms the connection and dedication to professional life”

Writer Laura Campan

This year, the HR One Gala comes back with an iconic new edition for its 20th anniversary. Among the special guests, Turkish author Metin Hara will join us on stage to dive deeper into Quiet Quitting. 

How about jumping on the opportunity to tease us with a few insights on the trend that seems to shake off the whole HR community?

Quiet Quitting is on everyone’s lips – but like all new terms, it may be challenging to get a grip on what it means. How would you define it?

Quite quitting could be defined as the individuals losing their connection to the work environment. We all are advanced biological creatures. In this modern era, much of our essential needs are fulfilled. The vast majority of the new generation is not satisfied by the basic life needs. They will seek purpose and meaning in both personal and work lives. The lack of purpose harms the connection and dedication to professional life. Quite quitting is the result of this phenomenon.

Management seems to be the perfect culprit. But before pointing fingers at managers, shouldn’t we first combat the long-held belief that the only way to get ahead professionally is to work far beyond your limits and to take on a ‘yes man’ mentality?

I believe there is no one to blame but humanity’s greatest biological tool is adaptation. The culture, technology and lifestyles are evolving. It’s an inevitable process to adapt. The new habitat of workplaces have changed to a more flexible schedule. It’s not important that you spend weekly working hours but rather how you contribute and create value to the organization. With the effect of technology, youngsters struggle to focus and dedicate themselves to a project consistently.  In my opinion both parties should communicate and take a step forward to meet in the middle.

Coming back to managers now, what would be your advice to prevent or combat Quiet Quitting?

I believe ambition and communication would be the keywords. Biologically ,we affect each other by mirror neurons. A leader of ambition would easily motivate the new generation. Communication would be essential to answer all the questions of the employees. Old school cultures would be instructed and obeyed but the new culture would explain and motivate. The old one is dependent on the system but the new one relies on individual creativity.

Outside the workplace, do you believe there are other ways of (re)finding our inner balance and motivation to keep going?

In my opinion meditation or some kind of a mental retreat is one of the basic approaches to solve this problem. We are all tricked into thinking that when we own possessions, we will be happy and contempt. Self-realization and awareness are the path for our inner balance. A healthy motivation will only blossom through balance.

Talking about inner balance and motivation, which book or podcast would you recommend to quiet quitters?

Any book, podcast or seminar that the individual is interested in would serve its purpose. Personally, I would recommend Richard Bach, Osho, Donald Neale Walsch, Alan Watts and Nepoleon Hill. The inner path is a unique journey so the person would decide which step is more suitable for their purpose of life.