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MyConnectivity, a national reference taking you to the digital future

myconnectivity launch
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Last Wednesday, on the second and last day of the Luxembourg Internet Days event – occurring at the Chamber of Commerce – MyConnectivity CEO Geraldine Knudson and Technical Director Julien Larios organized a press lunch for its first public presentation.

Initially established back in December 2021, MyConnectivity G.I.E. made its first public appearance earlier last week. On November 15, Xavier Bettel officially launched MyConnectivity, through the reveal of its new brand identity – notably its new logo – at the inauguration of Luxembourg Internet Days.

MyConnectivity was created following the joint collaboration between the Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy and LU-CIX Management G.I.E. The latter leans its contribution on its close contact with Telecommunications and Connectivity stakeholders. MyConnectivity thus aims “to support the strategies of the Luxembourgish government to take everyone – meaning all households and businesses – into the digital future”, Geraldine Knudson claimed.

Concretely, MyConnectivity’s ambition lies in two main strategies, which both relate to enhancing national connectivity through future proof VHCN, aka Very High Capacity Networks. It encompasses fiber, capable, and 5G fixed wireless access. “This year we are concentrating on the fixed infrastructures, i.e. Cable and Fiber, whereas next year we want to launch activities to accelerate the roll-out of 5G”, MyConnectivity CEO emphasized.

Although Luxembourg is well-positioned at the EU-level in terms of fixed VHCN connectivity – as 95% of the country is covered by cable or fiber networks – there is still considerable work to be accomplished. Research has demonstrated for example, that – out of the 80% households who have access to fiber – only 60% passed a subscription. As explained by Geraldine, the goal is now to understand these numbers, and set the plan to follow to solve this challenge.


We intend to use our brand to position ourselves as a point of reference for all questions and topics related to connectivity, be it for individuals or for businesses.


MyConnectivity has hence two major missions: to solve technical issues, and also to raise awareness for the necessity of VHCN connectivity by communicating a vision of data in the future. For this, the organization bases its approach in 4 major pillars, which are to:

  • become a center of expertise
  • build the ecosystem
  • raise awareness
  • support technical advancement

Julien Larios explained that part of the plan is also to analyze and count current digital trends, such as the Metaverse: “At MyConnectivity, we are looking very closely at those trends to make sure that the networks are ready to host them in the future”.

There are yet challenges to consider. Geraldine acknowledged that “one of the challenges is [to] reach people for them to understand how important it is to become a part of the connected future”. This can nevertheless be overcome with a good collaboration with stakeholders using their visibility also to pass MyConnectivity’s messages.

MyConnectivty will put into place an Advisory Committee which will help to develop mutual strategies and activities. By the end of this month, MyConnectivity will host the first edition of LetzConnect Tour. The idea of the latter is to discuss vertical and horizontal cabling, the creation of a new label and the initiative of a national standardization and certification, with professionals from the building and housing industry.