16.05.2022 Finance Luxembourg

New LuxFLAG CEO Isabelle Delas just took office

Independent Fund Labelling Agency LuxFLAG welcomed its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Isabelle Delas this morning.

Driven by her commitment to sustainable finance, Isabelle Delas started her career in 2001 at the renowned International Development Law Organization (IDLO) in Rome, gaining experience on climate change and development finance.

12 years ago, she joined the European Business Reliance Centre (EBRC) and Finance in Motion (FiM), before eventually leading its Luxembourg branch.

This sound knowledge of the Luxembourg sustainable finance ecosystem will undoubtedly “help LuxFLAG cater to the needs of its Associate Members and raise sustainability awareness with a broader range of financial actors.”

In a press release, LuxFLAG Chairwoman Denise Voss honored the memory of former CEO Sachin Vankalas, who passed away from Covid last July. “His tragic passing was a great loss for his family, for LuxFLAG and for the Luxembourg finance community. Isabelle will continue Sachin’s legacy in contributing to advance the sustainable finance agenda in Luxembourg and in Europe, as we progress on the journey to making finance sustainable.”