05.01.2023 Finance

Pliant introduces its best-in-class corporate credit card solution to Luxembourg

Writer Mathieu Volondat, Head of Sales Luxembourg (Pliant)
pliant cards luxembourg

Pliant introduces its best-in-class corporate credit card solution to Luxembourg to make payments and card management more effective for all businesses. After providing its forward-thinking payment solution to more than 1,200 satisfied customers in Germany and Austria, Pliant is now available in Luxembourg.

Pliant has been laser-focused on making credit card payments as easy as possible for customers for over two years, and demonstrating that credit cards are a safe and cost-effective payment method for many types of businesses. The Berlin-based Fintech now offers their product across Europe with the high level of functionality and customer support that over 1,200 companies in Germany and Austria have enjoyed.

Pliant offers real credit cards with high limits in both physical and virtual card form that companies can get without visiting a bank location or opening a separate bank account. Applying, onboarding, and issuing cards used to take weeks, but it’s now possible in minutes, and it all happens online. Pliant customers also benefit from automatic cashback of up to 1% on all purchases, which is particularly useful for companies that spend thousands on monthly expenses like online marketing or business travel.

Pliant covers the entire payment process from managing individual credit cards to uploading receipts and simplifying accounting. Business travelers, team managers, and finance managers have all found value in Pliant’s digital processes, which move much faster than traditional processes while maintaining the accuracy and safety everyone needs from their financial management tools. If your company already uses tools for accounting, invoicing, and liquidity management, you can simply integrate Pliant’s API solutions into your existing processes. By doing well for themselves, businesses can also do good for others with Pliant’s corporate sustainability initiative called Pliant Earth. Businesses with travel related card payments can use their cashback to offset their CO2 emissions with the help of our certified compensation partners.

As a member of LHOFT, we understood that traditional corporate card providers weren’t offering the flexibility and benefits that companies in Luxembourg want. Pliant customers can benefit from different packages that allow them to issue credit cards for free and add features that suit their needs so all kinds of companies can benefit. Ultimately, Pliant is a payment platform that helps companies grow with the reliability of a traditional bank plus the innovation of a modern Fintech.