31.01.2023 IT Connectivity Luxembourg Telco

POST SIM cards active in 82 countries

Writer Júlio Pinho, Head of International Sales (POST Luxembourg)
post sim card active in 82 countries

From Japan to North America via the small southern islands neighbouring Antarctica, organisations can now be found using POST SIM cards to connect their mobile terminals all over the world.

As a Luxembourg operator, whose size is a far cry from that of the global telecom giants, POST has managed to carve out a niche in the fields of international connectivity, Machine2Machine (M2M) and object connectivity (IoT). “Local Company, global reach”

Over 3,000,000 objects connected with POST

POST has customers using connected objects in 82 countries around the world, equating to 34% of the countries and dependencies of the globe (238).

POST serves customers throughout these 82 countries, but the coverage offered extends well beyond them to allow our customers – especially those active in the car industry and logistics – to benefit from the best connectivity, wherever they are in the world. To do this, we have established roaming partnerships with operators around the world to enable us to make a difference on the global market.

The best coverage, wherever you are

In its overall approach to M2M connectivity, POST has notably chosen not to favour any particular operators depending on the market. In other words, we do not have a steering policy. Depending on where you are, our SIM cards will connect to the network with the best signal. This means we can guarantee our customers the widest possible coverage. Moreover, each user is guaranteed the best experience.

Supporting the development of new applications

Nowadays, our SIM cards support applications in many areas of activity. They connect cars, planes, containers, healthcare devices and even meters. Logistics operators, wherever they may be, can conduct optimal tracking of flows worldwide. An air freight company, for example, is guaranteed to be able to track a connected object wherever it is in the world, including in countries where POST does not yet have customers. We now have global coverage. Looking specifically at IoT or M2M applications, there are currently around 3 million POST SIM cards active worldwide.

Local operator with a global reach

The fact that we are a “small” operator affords our customers a huge amount of agility to meet their specific needs in terms of decision-making, card deployment, activation and monitoring. Beyond cards, users of POST’s M2M service are supported by a dedicated and secure service platform, operated from Luxembourg. Using this, everyone can easily connect their different machines, manage their SIM cards and monitor flows.

All these factors allow us to make a difference and have a major impact in terms of connectivity on a global scale.

With these strengths, POST intends to support the emergence of a new economy linked to the development of the connectivity of objects. In the future, drawing on the opportunities offered by 5G, in particular its ability to connect a large number of objects, many new business applications will emerge in a wide range of areas. The connectivity of objects in particular is an important vector for speeding up processes and reducing costs. With our extensive expertise in this area, working hand in hand with our customers, we want to contribute to this major, ongoing transformation.