PwC hosts “Academic meets Industry” Conference and ESG Certification Ceremony for the University of Luxembourg

PwC Luxembourg is collaborating on an initiative of the University of Luxembourg and supporting the Sustainable Finance Chair of the University of Luxembourg by hosting two events a year within PwC’s premises. The first event, a conference entitled “Next stage of ESG: Are private assets taking over?” occurred on April 18 at Crystal Park where additionally the University of Luxembourg’s bi-annual ESG Ceremony was held.

This new collaboration with the University of Luxembourg involves PwC Luxembourg hosting the biannual (two times a year) celebration of the graduates of the Sustainable Finance Certificate and represents the strengthening link between the academic world and that of industry. ESG and Sustainable Finance are seen as key drivers for a successful and sustainable future by PwC Luxembourg and the University. This link between academia and business creates an excellent exchange platform between these two worlds.

“We are very proud to be partnering with the University of Luxembourg and hosting this event within our premises. PwC Luxembourg extends a heartfelt congratulations to all of the graduates who have received their Sustainable Finance Certificate. ESG is an extremely important message and area of our business going forward and this collaboration demonstrates the importance we place on the ESG transformation journey. Together, we are all part of an ever-widening passionate community working together with the future in mind.”

“Next stage of ESG: Are private assets taking over?”

The increased awareness of investors to environmental, social and governance challenges has spurred a growth in sustainable investing strategies.

To discuss the current investment landscape and the future trends, the Department of Finance at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance and PwC Luxembourg organise Academia Meets Industry events.

The event was organised within the framework of the Chair in Sustainable Finance, which is supported by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance and the Luxembourg Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development.

About the Certificate in Sustainable Finance

The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development Chair in Sustainable Finance at the University of Luxembourg’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance launches the Certificate in Sustainable Finance.

The programme is aimed for professionals and practitioners.

Lectures include the following topics:

• Methodologies to invest in a sustainable way (best-in-class, screening, filtering, etc.).

• The relation between sustainability and expected stock returns as well as between sustainability and credit spreads in debt and loan markets.

• Methodologies to measure ESG-related risks including climate risk, stranded assets, etc.

• Financial instruments that can be used to hedge against ESG-related risks.

• Characteristics of specific, ESG-related financial assets (such as green bonds).

• Creating a sustainable corporate strategy

• ESG regulations and opportunities for companies to differentiate

The programme aims at using state-of-the art financial-analysis concepts and tools in order to explore how sustainable finance strategies can create long-term value for business, society and the environment.

Source: PwC Luxembourg