PwC Luxembourg TechTalk sprung into action at ICT Spring

pwc tech talks ict spring 2023

A new edition of ICT Spring took place on 29 and 30 June 2023, and with it sprung a fantastic opportunity for the PwC Luxembourg TechTalk podcast to be part of it. During the renowned event, which is one of the top tech conferences in Europe, PwC Luxembourg recorded the ninth season of its TechTalk podcast, which focused on tech for sustainability.

Undoubtedly, ICT Spring was the right place for the podcast’s hosts, Carla Santos and Armin Prljaca, to discuss, with a superb lineup of guests, the role of technology in global sustainability efforts as well as how the companies they work for are contributing to a more sustainable future.

The season encompasses four episodes of between 10 and 20 minutes, with representatives from ArcelorMittal, MetaBank, Expon Capital and The Envisioners. For the two hosts, this was a unique and unforgettable experience.

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It was refreshing to leave PwC Luxembourg’s premises and head to ICT Spring, which is a phenomenal place to be, to interview such a fantastic and diverse group of professionals. They may have different backgrounds and work in different industries, but they are all, in their own way, striving for the same goal: making our planet more sustainable and equitable. Hearing our guests gave me immense hope about a better future,” said Carla.

Collaborating with ICT Spring through our PwC Luxembourg TechTalk podcast was an incredible experience. Engaging with such a diverse and passionate group of professionals who are all dedicated to driving global sustainability through technology was truly inspiring. This experience further solidified the transformative power of technology in shaping a better tomorrow,” added Armin.

The One on Tech for Sustainability with ArcelorMittal

In this episode, Jean-Paul Lorrain, Head of environment, CO2 and CAPEX at ArcelorMittal, explains that the steel manufacturing company has a big impact on society and his goal is to reduce that impact.

To do so, ArcelorMittal has a number of objectives. For instance, its top management aims to become carbon neutral by 2050, and, as Jean-Paul points out, the company is on the right path to fulfil this goal. They also plan to reduce the CO2 emissions by 25% as a group in 2030. They also prepare publicly-available Climate Action reports to demonstrate the company’s progress.

During the episode Jean-Paul also reveals some of the concrete ongoing and planned actions in terms of products, but also how ArcelorMittal is changing its production process and using renewable carbon to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The One on Tech for Sustainability with MetaBank

In this second episode, PwC Luxembourg welcomed Hao Wang, Chief Operations Officer at MetaBank, to better understand how leading-edge companies like MetaBank can contribute to creating a more sustainable future, thanks to innovative tech.

When asked what sustainability means to him, Hao replies that it’s about having an economic model that is inclusive and that helps people who are part of the real economy, with technology as an enabler.

As Hao explains, MetaBank uses blockchain technology to reduce the initial cost of setting up a banking infrastructure, which allows them to build such an infrastructure in countries that usually do not have the resources to do so. In a nutshell, the digital technology service provider supports financial inclusion by providing digital solutions for developing countries.

The One on Tech for Sustainability with Expon Capital

In this episode, Lily Wang, Partner at Expon Capital, explains that the venture capital firm’s main priority is to establish how they measure sustainability, that is, how they can actually quantify it, and to make sure they are investing in solutions that address sustainability challenges.

Thus, Expon Capital aims to channel capital to companies and entrepreneurs that are creating new technologies in the sustainability field, such as recycling, water quality, renewable energy and circular economy.

Lily also tells us what, in her view, is the role of technology in the sustainable future of the world and how Expon Capital stays at the forefront of technological advancements.

The One on Tech for Sustainability with The Envisioners

In the last episode of the season, PwC Luxembourg interviews Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at The Envisioners. First, Dave explains that, for him, sustainability is about doing the right thing for the planet and society. He adds that it’s about transformation, that is, using the opportunities new technologies bring to transform the experiences that are important to us in a way that they are supportive of the planet.

When asked how technology can contribute to a sustainable future, he says that it helps us understand sustainability by using data, which enables us to understand the problems and identify and create solutions.

As for how The Envisioners contribute to that future, Dave explains they help organisations transform to deliver an outcome that’s better for the planet.


About PwC Luxembourg TechTalk

TechTalk is PwC Luxembourg’s monthly podcast that explores the fascinating world of technology. It welcomes experts from different industries, who share their expertise on hot topics such as cybersecurity, cloud, and artificial intelligence. Together with the hosts, Carla Santos and Armin Prljaca, they discuss business challenges and technology developments, while reflecting on how far we have come and where we are headed.

Launched in 2019, TechTalk aims to reach everyone, from the tech guru to the beginner, or someone in between. That’s why its motto is “technology made simple over a cup of coffee.”

PwC Luxembourg TechTalk’s tenth season is planned to kick off in October 2023 and you can listen to it on its webpage and the most popular audio streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts).

Source: PwC Luxembourg