Realize operational alpha and empower compliance across your company

Writer Laura Campan

Offering an easy access to decision-makers in both public and private sectors, as well as a dedicated support to over 700 startups and 15 incubators, Luxembourg is arguably a flourishing ecosystem worth watching. So, what are the new FinTech gems to follow in 2023?

This week, our team went to meet Depowise Co-Founder and CCO Artur Reiter to see how to increase operational alpha and automation, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the trend.

How would you pitch your startup in a few lines?

Founded in 2021 in Estonia and now rooted in Luxembourg’s finance hub as well, we’re on a mission to transform asset servicing.

Our mission was clear: to create a one-stop solution that would streamline the asset servicing sector, starting with UCITS and AIF depositaries. We have built a super tool for handling core processes like cash flow monitoring, oversight, safekeeping, and record-keeping.

What makes us stand out? We’re redefining industry standards, and our rapid growth and client trust speak volumes.

How did such an idea come up?

The idea behind Depowise emerged during the pandemic when three like-minded Estonians, including myself, came together. We shared a common vision of bringing more transparency and efficiency to the world of finance. As we collaborated, it became evident that our collective skill set was tailor-made for this mission. Sven Peekmann and Mait Poska possess exceptional IT expertise in turning complicated processes into highly usable IT systems, and I brought decades of financial knowledge from my time at Bloomberg and other industry giants. It felt like a perfect storm – we had everything to make waves in the asset servicing industry.

How much have you raised and on how many rounds?

We haven’t raised yet. I believe we are a pretty unique startup these days, as we have managed to finance our growth on our own and secure 17 customers in our portfolio. We have reasons to believe that Depowise has been seen as a true gem for investors.
However, as we want to use the current time window, where our product is light-years ahead of competitors, and accelerate our expansion in new markets, the first raising is in prep.

Which type of investors are you looking for?

It may sound arrogant, but we are interested in smart investors who can bring more than just capital to the table. We see our future investors as partners who can contribute exceptional knowledge and a valuable network that will help pave the way for Depowise to reach its goal of becoming a unicorn one day.

What sets you apart from competition?

What makes Depowise stand out is our no-code platform, and I’m really proud of it. Unlike the old-school solutions that demand a lot of setup, we’ve simplified things to the minimum. We are not just a little faster, but twice as quick as the market average and three times faster than in-house developments. We’re all about making it easy for our clients – no fuss, no delay, no mistakes. It’s more than a transformation – it’s about improving our clients’ financial success, and that’s where we excel.