02.03.2023 Human Resources Edenred Luxembourg Mastercard Meal vouchers

Revolution in the meal voucher market with Edenred & Mastercard

Edenred, the world leader in digital payment solutions for specific uses (Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Compliments), has launched a card with a new technology on the Luxembourg market of benefit vouchers.

Edenred is digitalizing its Ticket Restaurant solution on a brand new card, a real evolution for the employees to use the lunch vouchers granted by their employer. The payment market and the habits of Luxembourgers have evolved enormously in the recent years. By combining Mastercard’s open payment scheme with its own application, the new Edenred card is compatible with all the terminals on the market today and in the future. As a result, any Luxembourg shop that is eligible no longer needs to take technical steps to accept Ticket Restaurant in its outlet.

Both Edenred and Mastercard applications coexist on this new card, a first on the Luxembourg market of voucher issuers. This means that there will be no impact on shops and restaurants that are already members of the Edenred acceptance network. The Edenred application will still be used as a priority.

The combination of Edenred and Mastercard technologies opens up a multitude of possibilities for both cardholders and all Luxembourg shops. From now on, the Edenred card will be usable in all eligible shops that accept Mastercard for contactless payments and, for the first time on the market, for mobile payment with Google Pay and Apple Pay. Finally, this card is made of recycled materials, an exclusive feature in the world of payment cards in Luxembourg.

Two technologies, multiple usage possibilities

Thanks to this collaboration between two world-leading payment companies, users of the Edenred card will be able to benefit from all the major innovations offered by Mastercard. From now on, they will be able to pay with Google Pay and Apple Pay on a wide range of connected devices (smartphones, watches, etc.).

The combination of the two technologies and the two acceptance networks also increases the number of businesses that will be able to accept Edenred vouchers. The acceptance network for this new card will expand from the several thousand shops and restaurants that already accept Edenred solutions to tens of thousands of businesses. For merchants who already accept the Edenred card, no action will be required to accept this new card. Merchants who currently accept Mastercard, i.e. almost all eligible Luxembourg salespoints with a payment terminal, will also have access to the potential of Edenred solutions without any technical intervention. All that is required to join the network is to sign a contract with Edenred.

The first card made from recycled materials in Luxembourg

Another exclusive feature in Luxembourg is that the new Edenred card is made from recycled materials, thus reducing its environmental impact. Preserving the environment is one of the Edenred Group’s priorities in terms of social and environmental responsibility. The new Edenred card is made of 85% recycled PVC. The recycled plastic comes from European industrial packaging waste and represents up to 4g of recycled industrial waste per card.

Olivier Bouquet, Managing Director of Edenred Belux:

“The launch of our new Edenred card, in partnership with Mastercard, opens up a new era in the payment voucher sector in Luxembourg. The new technologies used will increase the acceptance network and allow our users to make their purchases in tens of thousands of shops and also directly by mobile payment. This innovation strengthens our position as a pioneer in the market, offering a forward-looking solution that meets the expectations of employers, users and merchants while fulfilling our environmental commitment. I am particularly proud of this card as it is the first on the market to be made from recycled PVC.

Henri Dewaerheijd, Country Manager BeLux Mastercard:

“We are very pleased to be able to put our extensive network at the service of Edenred and its cardholders. Mastercard connects merchants, banks and acquirers around the world for fast and secure purchases and it is important for us to facilitate innovation with partners like Edenred. This launch has been a long time coming and is the result of a close collaboration between the two companies and I am extremely proud that Mastercard is involved in such an innovation.

Source: Edenred